January 2020


January 2020

January 2020

January 2020 | Vol. 13 No. 1
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Featured Profiles

Caley Neely

“I’m Not Fearful Anymore”

Monthly Reads

From the Publisher

Message from Meredith

Ilene Robinette
About the Artist

Parenting by John Rosemond - New!
A Parent’s Help May Not Be Helping

OMG Moments
Embarrassing Exercise Moments

It's Never Too Late Makeover

Paisley Prescriptions


Quote of the Month

Community Calendar
Check out local events happening this month!

Hissy Fit
...because everyone needs one every once in awhile

Featured Stories

Annie L. Greene
What Color is Water?
Tales and 
Art About the Segregated South

The Winter Coat Check
Snap. Snap. Cold Snap

Sleep Is a Dreamy State

for People With a Brain

Motivation and The Connectivity Challenge
We Know You can Do It!

Walking the Path:
A Step-By-Step Guide to Transformation

A Foolproof Formula
to Fix Your Money in 2020

Coastal Flavors

Cozy Up with Campbell's Soup

Mm! Mm! Good!

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