Uplifting Takeover - April 2020 Issue

Featuring Taffie James


April 2020 Issue
by Meredith M. Deal
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Angela Donaldson is an Investigator with Department of Defense with Kings Bay Naval Station. “I do background investigations for anyone in Federal Government who needs a security clearance: Navy, Army, Marines and DOD civilians.” Angela continued about her background, “I’m half Japanese, then German, Irish and English. I get my thick brown hair from my mom’s German/Irish background. I love sushi, and when I was growing up, we had white rice for dinner every single night!”  

Two years ago, at age 55, Angela upped her skincare regime adding facial appointments every six to eight weeks at Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery on St. Simons Island, an easy ride from her Southport Brunswick home.

Recently, Angela consulted with the center’s Dr. Diane Bowen regarding her heavy feeling eyelids. “I had to crane my neck sometimes to be able to see. I felt my vison was affected, so I had a peripheral vision test done. Dr. Bowen was able to do an upper eyelid surgery and browlift. I can tell a big difference now and am in love with the results. I’m more self-confident—I feel pretty.”  

Dr. Bowen:
“Angela is a motivated professional with an active mind and caring spirit. When she came to my office, her concerns were with a heavy brow and wrinkles in her forehead and 11’s—the area between the eyebrows. Angela had heard Botox could be used to fix this and in turn, was what she asked for when she scheduled an appointment. Upon meeting her, it was discovered that while Botox could help, it wouldn’t address the root cause. What she needed was a browlift and upper eyelid surgery.”

“Part of my role as a plastic surgeon is to assess a patient’s goals, desires and determine the root cause of their issue. In this case, the patient required a surgical procedure to address the heavy brow she was dealing with. I explained to Angela that her peripheral vision was being impacted by her brow and excess eyelid skin, and that most likely insurance would cover this procedure. Her goal was to do something which would help her face more accurately reflect her youthful energy.  She was tired of always looking tired.”  

“As a provider, I look at a patient as a whole person and create a treatment plan that includes all aspects of facial rejuvenation. Utilizing various treatment options can help to achieve an optimum result. By combining Botox, dermal fillers, Vi peels and a customized at-home skincare regimen, a patient can have beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.”

Time to Shine:
The final touches in Angela’s new look included a facial, hair blow out and makeup lesson, as well as finding a new fashion style at Roberta’s of St. Simons.

First, Angela had a facial appointment with Noel, which resulted in noticeable glowing, hydrated skin. Then she made her way to Roberta’s to meet Brenda Griffin, who helped her select a new outfit and accessories. A seafoam green and navy flair dress with tassel necklace, gold hoop earrings and light mesh jacket was the perfect selection.

Dynamic Duo:

We called upon the talented hands of Master Stylist, Amanda Kicklighter and Makeup Artist, Iris Hopgood to join us to work their makeover magic for our lucky candidate. Amanda washed Angela’s hair with color-save moisture shampoo and, for her highlighted hair, violet conditioner. Then, Amanda smoothed and straightened Angela’s hair with wand, brush and blow dryer, producing gorgeous results.

Iris observed Angela’s excellent skin care. “We’re using some concealer today, no need for foundation for Angela; her skin is lovely from her facial.” Iris used eyeshadow cream in light frosty green with a little shimmer to make Angela’s eyes pop. She lightly filled in her brows with brush powder and gel to give them some sheen and a bit of color, followed by eyeliner smudged for a smoky eye effect, some blush to her cheeks and lovely lilac lipstick. Such fantastic results! Angela’s beauty truly shines in her newfound confidence.PYMakeover0420 2

Thank You:
Diane G. Bowen, MD, Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, PC and Centered on Wellness – 1015 Arthur J. Moore Dr., SSI.; full medical spa and plastic surgery services. Additional thanks to Esthetician, Noel Walker. Call 912.634.1993 or 912.638.0034.

Amanda Kicklighter 20 years-experience as Master Stylist and hair-guru; Serendipity Spa-lon, 2485 Demere Rd., St. Simons Island, Ga. Call 912.269.8288.

Iris Hopgood, Professional Makeup Artist; MAC Cosmetics veteran of 21 years with 32-years overall experience: Call: 678.353.8032.  

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