OMG Moments - March 2018

Goals: Hit or Miss


Miss: "I had a goal to see a turtle lay her eggs. One afternoon I was walking the beach with a friend. She and I walked so far it got dark. When we turned around to walk back, we noticed a big rock that wasn’t there before. On a 16-foot retractable leash, my small dog ran over to the rock as we got closer. It wasn’t a rock; it was a huge turtle coming to lay her eggs. The two came nose-to-nose and checked each other out. My dog was gentle and curious, and I didn’t realize it was a turtle until she turned around and went back toward the surf. So close, yet so far.”

"My goal was to lose weight! I was supposed to start on the program January 2018 – not happening! It’s a 'miss.'”

"I set a goal to go to the police academy to become a police officer. I made my goal and have since retired. Thank you, God."

"I had a goal to lose weight and literally for three years, would start every Monday morning, only to blow it by Monday night. Finally, I set my mind to it, and it began lasting more than one day. Within eight months, I lost 72 pounds. My only regret is I didn’t get real with myself sooner!"

"In 2007, I met a goal: I won a seat to the World Series of Poker, beating out about 350 men in tournament play."

"I haven’t drank a beer all year! Yes, it is only February, but still! Baby steps."

"I’ve lost 60 pounds on the keto diet using Keto Zone Diet by Dr. Don Colbert!"
Almost a Hit: "I decided to lose weight after gall bladder surgery. My goal is 20 pounds. I’ve only lost 13 and have reached a plateau…I’m still trying."
Near Miss: "I went to the Grenadines sailing. I tried snorkeling and thought I was going
to die!"

"When I moved here three years ago, I started a sewing business and it is extremely successful!"

"After going through breast cancer surgery and surviving, my husband
of 25 years was cheating on me. I kicked him out of our house.
Divorced, I moved on with two boys in high school—becoming a single mom.
I helped my sons through college with each degree.
He never helped them one day; I’m proud to say we made it through on our own!
I am one strong mom!"

"I have many goals in 2018, as I will turn 50 in November. One is to tell my parents and children I love them every day. In the ‘80s, we used the dorm pay phone every Sunday to call our parents from college. This habit has carried through adulthood, and I’m proud to say I’m doing well on this goal. The reward is great moments, and they are irreplaceable."

Poll: Have you ever been sexually abused in the workplace?

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