OMG Moments - January 2020

Embarrassing Exercise Moments

OMGMoments0120January 2020 Issue

New cleanse. Barre yoga class. Upset tummy. The runs. Run out of class. Never return.

My trainer was handing me a weight, and I accidentally grabbed his penis.

One night, I had the gym to myself…or so I thought. I was running on the treadmill and let out a huge fart. Someone in the corner started laughing. I have not been back since.

I slept walked into the living room and did a yoga video at 3:00 a.m.

I was exercising one day, saw a cute guy and went to pick up weights near him. The weights were too heavy. I fell backwards, and the weights along with me. I was so embarrassed because he had to help me up.

I sharted while doing yoga at the AmVets amongst  a bunch of fellow vets, who were (mostly) men.

Playing soccer, I accidentally open-hand smacked an opponent’s butt while chasing down the ball.

The day I was exercising with my dog, I was doing push-ups and bend-overs. He came up to me and started kissing my face. I pushed him away, so he started trying to kiss my butt!

I told my class to place a block under their scrotum—oops!! I meant sacrum.

While in Spin class, wearing yoga pants, my pant leg got caught in the spoke and tightened while ripping (we were going full speed). I slowly climbed off to find I had a torn Achilles tendon!

I wet my pants during Zumba class.

I was using the free weight bar and didn’t realize I needed to unload one side and go to the other. I unloaded all of the weights on one side—about 40 pounds. The bar crashed to the floor right in the middle of the gym.

At the gym, I had never been on a treadmill, and I slipped and went flying off the back end.

I pulled my groin muscle doing squats and had to explain to my male trainer what was wrong.

I went to the restroom after working out. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror and realized I had sweat so badly, the crotch of my grey leggings was drenched, looking like I had totally wet my pants!

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