OMG Moments - January 2018

Being Included and Excluded

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Being included can be one of the best feelings in the world, while being excluded evokes negative feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. We asked our Partini attendees to tell us about a time when they felt included or excluded.

“Excluded: In 5th grade, a boy fell off the monkey bars, so I ran over and cuddled him, asking if he was okay. Kids started laughing and taunting, “Oooh, you have a boyfriend.”  NOT! Friends still tease me about this all these decades later.”

“Included: My wife always included me on her world travels. The adventures we had of cultures and countries were wonderful.”

“Included: I had brain surgery after two blood clots to the lungs and felt grateful to be alive, but also felt alone. The school where I had taught, St. Simons Elementary, immediately went into overdrive as I received a million calls, cards, and most importantly meals and prayers for weeks!  Unfortunately, I had to retire after the surgery, but they never forgot me and continue to remind me I am important and included in their community.”

“Included: When I traveled to Egypt I felt I belonged there. I felt very included.”

“Included: Being so excited to play basketball on our team in elementary school and realizing I was being put into the game. I just took off running on to the court before the buzzer!”

“Excluded and Included: When I was 6-years-old during an Easter egg hunt, I had no eggs in my basket. I felt so excluded. And then, when they said the winner would be the one with the least amount of eggs. I won!”

“Included: I got three Screen Actors Guild union vouchers in Hollywood, which made me feel very included!”

“Excluded: Boy do I feel excluded when my ex-husband takes the kids out for dinner, or celebrates their birthday or a holiday without me. It’s super hard to get use to not being a part of your own family.”

“Included: I was on a planning committee for a large conference, which featured several keynote speakers. I felt fully included when I was asked to be one of them. It made me feel recognized for my speaking talents and made me feel good that my peers considered me at a level of accomplished speakers.”

“Included: At University of Georgia, in 1969, I felt totally ‘included’ when I got to sing on stage with The Tams!”

“Excluded: When my grandmother decided to sell some of her land, she spoke with all my cousins and sisters, but not to me. Talk about hurt…”

I had two very close friends who both hung out with me, but not really each other. I started bringing the three of us together to do things, and we had so much fun. Soon we were all friends until they decided to be friends without me. I found out they were going on trips together and meeting for dinners without ever calling me. I felt very excluded.”

“Excluded: I felt excluded when I went to a wedding at the wrong church, which was holding a funeral. I tried to walk out without being noticed. Not Good!”

“Excluded: You ‘ve heard the saying ‘Three’s A Crowd’. My friend was riding another friend in her new car, so she asked me to watch her kids for her. I never got a ride, so I was totally excluded!”

Feeling included is easy when you organize and run retreats, where people actually show up and spend five days with you. I’m a bit of a loner, but love the feeling of being surrounded by creative women, who include me simply because they like my work and trust their creativity will be restored in a way that feels good. It is my honor to include them in my heart long after the retreat is over.”

I always loved going away entire summers to camp, where I felt a part of something. And being a camp counselor taught me a lot about life. Lately, I’ve been asked for my help and skills at smaller retreats, which also has made me feel included. Who says you can’t go back to camp again?”

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