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Happy Father’s Day!
It might seem strange to read that in a women’s magazine, but we celebrate every chance we get!

I only had 15 years with my father, but before he died, he made sure my brother and I saw 47 of the United States and a few Canadian provinces, too! Dad was king of the road trip. Before we all started carrying phones, GPS, and cameras in our pockets, he would spend hours at the dining room table with highlighters and good old Rand-McNally. He would meticulously plan, but never hesitate to take a detour if he saw a sign with an arrow and the words “Rock Shop.” He worked very hard all year so that he could pile us into the Suburban and take to the highway for four to six weeks every summer.

After Dad’s death, Mom and I traded the open road for the open sea, cruising all over the Caribbean and to far-flung places like Hawaii, Greece and Turkey. The adventurous travel seeds my father planted have yielded quite a crop. When I was an 18-year-old planning my first college spring break, do you think I took a beach trip with my friends? Oh, no. I drove solo from Indiana to Connecticut, visiting Delaware, too. You see, those were the last two drivable states I had left to visit. I am my father’s daughter, after all.

I hope as you read our #AdventureAwaits issue, you’re planning your next adventure, whether you find it far away or close to home. There is an adventure waiting around every corner and with each sunrise. We just have to learn to recognize it and go for it!

Lift Each Other Up,

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