Kelly's Comments - December 2021

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Grown Up Christmas List; The Christmas Waltz; White Christmas (with the rarely-recorded intro); Mele Kelikimaka—I have many favorite Christmas songs, but the one on my mind the most this year is Put A Little Love In Your Heart. “That’s not a Christmas song,” you say. Thanks to the Bill Murray movie Scrooged, it most certainly is.

Some of the lyrics:    

“Think of your fellow man        You see it’s getting late        And the world will be a better place
Lend him a helping hand        So please don’t hesitate        For you and me
Put a little love in your heart    Put a little love in your heart    You just wait and see”
(written by Jackie De Shannon, Jimmy Holiday and Randy Myers.)

I hope this #BeTheDifference issue has you humming this song and thinking of the lyrics. Whichever of the Winter Holidays you celebrate, may they be warm, safe and full of light and joy!

Lift Each Other Up,

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