Winter Beauty Hacks

Start the New Year with a Fresh New Look!

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January 2022 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography (headshots) by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

There are many ways to get a fresh start in the New Year, but changing what you see in the mirror can have a huge impact! Freshen up your makeup and hair with tips from our resident experts!

New Year, New Hair, Or Is It?
By Amanda Kicklighter

It’s time for a fresh new look for 2022! A fresh twist to a throwback hairstyle is the hair trend for 2022. Y2K Chic brings on throwback hairstyles from the 90s and 2000s—the new rage! Hands down, or better yet, hair down, the medium-length bob will be the style of the year! Long bangs that are parted off center, or in the middle, and swept back will be popular, as well. Once again hairstylists across the nation will be asked for the “Rachel” haircut. You know, from Friends (1994-2004)?—fluffy hair bobs, stacked bobs with heavy lines, layered bobs on medium-length hair will all be in.

Root, there it is! Showing off your roots is making a comeback. But, only if your roots aren’t 30% or more gray. If they are, ask your stylist to give you shadow roots, which is using a light or dark brown at the roots then gradually going to a lighter shade throughout the rest of the hair.

How to Use Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is the key to keeping your cut fresh after waking up or working out without having to wash your hair again. Dry shampoos soak up the oils in the hair and leave the hair with volume. Take small sections of the hair and spray dry shampoo 6-inches from the root. This ensures even coverage. It is also important to let the dry shampoo sit on your scalp for a few seconds before shaking it thoroughly to the ends. After that blow dry your roots on the hot setting and hold your hair up from the scalp with your hands, making sure the roots dry standing up. Follow up by doing the same thing, using the cool setting on your blow dryer. This sets the hair. Then style as usual, and you’re out the door!

One more hack you’ve never thought of! Another trick to keep your locks fresh is to stick a clean dryer sheet in your brush and brush your hair. This ensures that each strand of your hair is being wiped down with the dryer sheet, and your hair will smell Bounty fresh! Happy new hair to everyone, and remember to always keep it fresh! 

Happy new look! Ladies brand new year!  

By Iris Hopgood

Celebrate the simplicity of your makeup and skincare regimen. One thing to keep in mind is to listen to your skin. If you have used the same familiar skincare, and you no longer see results, it’s time to move on according to skin type. As we age our skin lets us know the thrill is gone! Try using more essential oils as a serum: almond and coconut oils with a light spritz of rosewater on top. Keep your rosewater with you at all times. This will cut down on touching up throughout the day. Lightly spray before and after your makeup application, or refresh anytime, even if you’re not wearing any makeup.

It’s time for change with color ranges.
Pretty peachy, corals and beautiful nudes for eyes, lips and cheeks!  Pink and reds never go out of style. Don’t forget to always top off your final finish of your application with a bronzer, voluptuous black mascara for more definition and a beautiful blush. These are your staples all year. Personalize your makeup choices. Changing with the seasons is necessary and fun. Enjoy being a woman with all the choices you have! Let’s be beautiful together!

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