The Savvy Senior: Reclaim Your Range of Motion

The Health Benefits of Practitioner-Assisted Stretching

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November 2021 Issue
by Elizabeth Skenes Millen

Most people believe the ability to touch your toes naturally disappears with age, but that’s not necessarily true. People who get more and more sedentary with age experience the shortening of their muscles, which inhibits the body to move freely like it did in its younger years. This is why staying flexible is so important, and how some 90-year-olds can easily touch their toes.

Did you know that flexibility has an effect on life expectancy? According to Prevention Magazine, “It’s all because your musculoskeletal fitness—your body flexibility, balance, muscle strength and coordination—is an important indicator of your overall health, and has a favorable influence on life expectancy.”

The main way to maintain flexibility is moving and stretching. Don’t worry if you are feeling all stove up right now, the good news is, with a regular practitioner-assisted stretching regimen, you can regain flexibility at any age. Becoming flexible again is a game changer. Thanks to assisted stretching, people can truly put bounce back into their step, because your body will experience improved flexibility, increased strength, fewer aches and pains and enhanced blood circulation. There are other health benefits, too:

Reduce Low Back Pain and Arthritis:
With regular assisted stretching sessions, clients can reduce  aches and pains that may be caused by spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. A skilled stretch practitioner will help loosen stiffness in afflicted joints, focusing on improving range of motion, flexibility and elasticity.

Reduce the Risk of Falling:
Falling is a major concern for the aging, and rightfully so. One bad fall can change everything for the worse—broken bones, concussions and increased fear of mobility. Stretching helps in the “fewer falls” department, too! Here’s why: Stretching improves strength in the hip joints, and the flexibility of the quadriceps, hamstrings and lower back, and all of this improves balance and overall strength.

Improve Posture:
Aging can cause the body’s ligaments and tendons in the chest and shoulders to lose their elasticity and flexibility. Poor posture can be corrected by regular assisted stretching sessions with a practitioner who can loosen these tight ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Before you know it, not only will you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, you will be standing a little taller, too.

Increase Energy Levels:
Are you ready to feel energetic again? Stretching promotes proper circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body, even to the lower and outer extremities. This wakes up your body and gets you going.

Imagine waking up in the morning, taking those first few stops and not feeling pain and stiffness. How long has it been since you’ve felt this good? It’s rarely too late to reverse the effects of being stoved up. Practitioner-assisted stretching is easy, gentle and safe. Simply put, they do all the work, you get all the benefits.

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