Thelma Vega

Healthy Habit: Positive Thinking

HealthyHabitHeader0922 September 2022
Photography by Michelle Holton, Holton Media

PY ThelmaVega0922Thelma Vega
Healthy Habit: Positive Thinking

Passion: Most sports, some outdoor activities: swimming,
some walking, spending time with family
Career: Food service (Glynn County Schools Cafeterias), Housekeeping (Southeast Georgia Health System)
Family: Fiancé: Joseph Watson, Jr. Children: Connie (29)
and Candice (28) Vega

We all have a choice to either think positive or think negative, what have you done to skew your mindset to positive thinking?
I help coworkers at school and at the hospital. I also help other church members with different projects.

How has this practice enhanced your life?
It helps me to become a better person. I was honored in July this year when the Southeast Georgia Health System presented me with the BEE Award. It stands for “Beyond Exceptional Expectations.” It was so nice to be recognized for my hard work and positive attitude. I don’t do those things for recognition, but it certainly made me feel good.

Without being too personal, can you tell us about a few “Aha” moments where positive thinking “saved the day?”
Certain situations at work, when I see a coworker needs help, I offer to help and find a solution.

We all have disappointments, fears, doubts,
how do you combat negative thoughts?
I walk away, take a break and then come back to the situation. Sometimes you just need a little time and distance to get your mindset right to deal with issues.

Do you believe thinking positive is a
direct correlation to happiness?
Yes, sometimes. Whether it’s your happiness, or someone else’s positivity, both can help people feel better and usually put a smile on their faces.

How do you think your positive attitude
has impacted your family?
They see from my example. When you take a break and come back to the problem, you can get to a solution easier.

Some people think positive people are annoying, perhaps because they feel like they never have problems or understand. How do you differentiate between being positive and being helpful when a friend is down and needs to talk?
I listen and wait for them to ask for my response or advice.

What would you say to encourage others

to make a conscious effort to incorporate a
healthy positive thinking habit in their daily lives?
It is important to wait to talk about a problem when you are not so angry. This helps you have better perspective than just spewing out angry words. Some people might go and pray and then try to work on resolving an issue. We always think better when calm.

Why are healthy habits important to you?

Healthy habits keep me alert. I am more able to do what is needed.

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