Sung Hui Lewis

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February 2022 Issue
Photography by Mike Force Photography

Sung Hui Lewis
Career: Former Assistant Superintendent of
Glynn County Schools
Hometown: Brunswick, GA

When and why did you start teaching?

I started August 19, 1985 at Ballard Elementary, and I have many reasons for choosing to be a teacher:
• I have always worked with children through the church… It was a natural fit.
• I chose to teach elementary school because of the wonder in the children’s eyes and facial expressions as they learn something new… they are so engaging and so honest. They question everything, and I love how their minds are constantly thinking and connecting the dots of what and how they learn to their real worlds. They want to know how they fit in the world of school, home and friendships. They bring their honest opinions to the table and they expect you to give them your undivided attention to whatever conversations arise.
• They are sensitive to others and quick to give whatever they have to “make it better.” 
• When children enter the classroom, they don’t expect elaborate toys. They look forward to their teacher interacting with them. They eagerly await to see what’s new today! They look forward to a group of friends they have bonded with. They need their routine. They need the safety of rules and schedules. I just can’t imagine not having the opportunity to teach elementary children in my life. I was a classroom teacher for 19 years, and I have special memories of each of those years. I have taught at Ballard, Satilla Marsh and Golden Isles Elementary.

Do you have a favorite teacher from your school days?
Ms. Myers! I was that kid that cried every day of school up until Christmas. We could not afford kindergarten, so I had stayed home with Mama and Daddy up until first grade. I was scared. No one looked like me. Ms. Myers was always loving and so patient. I’m sure she wanted to pull her hair at times, but she never made me feel like I was a pain. She would always have a special coloring sheet for me to color to give to my daddy at the end of the day. Ms. Myers was the one who encouraged me to read out loud (my parents had taught me to read before I entered school). She was so impressed I could read. She let me read Sally, Dick & Jane after lunch to the class. She told me I was smart and creative and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Often times, I would play school with my dolls at home, and I remember pretending to be Ms. Myers; I wanted to be just like her!

Tell us about your family…

I married my high school sweetheart, Randy Lewis. We dated eight years and have been married now for 36 years! I have two very talented sons: Joshua Lewis (33) and Tyler Lewis (32). We have one four-legged child: Mollie Grace Lewis (part Corgi/part terrier).
My mother passed away in February, 2021. I mention her because without her guidance and encouragement, I would not have been half the woman I am today. She was my spiritual role model, my biggest cheerleader and most of all my friend and mother.

What are the Top 10 things you’ve learned from your students?

1. Love people for who they are.
2. Stick up for the weaker ones.
3. Share: You have more than you think.
4. Forgive.
5. Your painting doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.
6. Be creative; It’s okay to be different.
7. Be bold; It’s who you are.
8. Sing even if you can’t carry a note!
9. Smile and let people know you care!
10. Find your hero in life and know why they are the ones you want to be like.

What three words inspire you?

Excellence: If we don’t strive for excellence, we cheat ourselves and others.  
Honesty: This is character. Without honesty and integrity, you live a false life. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or what you believe. If you can’t be true to yourself, then you certainly can’t be true to others.
Joy: Find your joy. This is very different from being happy. Happy is an emotional state that requires constant rekindling. Joy is a genuine place of the soul. It allows you to be content regardless of your circumstances. Like everyone else, I have had MANY challenges in my life; there were times when I thought, “How in the world are we going to survive?” I had to identify my joy.

How have you been filling your time since retirement?

1. Glynn County School System has allowed me to return 49 percent to lead a leadership initiative. (Dr. Spence has the vision to help develop leaders for the next capacity levels.)
2. My LLC provides me opportunities to contract with GLISI and other organizations (continuing the leadership development in other counties).
3. I am a part time coordinator for CEF/Good News Club.
4. I am serving as the Interim Children’s Director for Rhema Community Church.
5. I am the president of the Reading Foundation of Georgia. Our campaign: Read Together 20 minutes every day!
6. I am on the board for the Glynn Community Crisis Center.

I’m Roaring about . . .

You don’t have to have a title to make a difference! I have met so many wonderful people since my retirement who want to make Brunswick and Glynn County better and stronger! Forever…. Upward and Onward!

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