Hissy Fit -December 2021 - Away with Divisiveness, Anger & Fear: Let it All Go and Replace it with Cheer

...because everyone needs one every once in awhile


December 2021
by Elizabeth Skenes Millen 

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the house,
Everyone was angry, even the mouse.

The tempers had flared, it seemed nobody cared
The TV shows told us there’s no hope, no prayer.

The children were alone all glued to their phones,
Which stole Christmas spirit, the cheer and the tone.

With mamma lonely and daddy across town,
It’s no wonder why both of them felt so down.

When out in the sky there arose such a show
All stopped for a sec to see what was aglow.

Away to the window, I approached with fear
And thought to myself it had been such a year.

I tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash
And my eyes filled with tears as quick as a dash.

The wind seemed to shift, there was love in the air
Was it safe to think people really do care?

When what to my wearisome heart did appear
A new chance at life without anger or fear.

With focus on love, not the ugly and bad
I became grateful for the things that I had.

Thankfulness began to fill my spirit up
I realized I’m blessed and to keep my chin up.

“Now, Kindness! Now, Friendship!
Now, Joy and Love!
On, Courage! On, Laughter!
On, Healing and Hugs!

To the hearts of people to quell the outrage,
This season can help us turn to a new page.

Away with divisiveness, anger and fear;
Let it all go and replace it with cheer.

We all have a choice of how we want to live;
Choose hope, love and faith, the best presents to give.

Not only to others, but also to self;
Our world will start healing, you’ll feel it yourself.
Smiles will appear and the burdens will lighten;
Soon you will feel your whole demeanor brighten.

There’ll be pep in your step, you’ll start to feel great,
Wondering why there has to be so much hate.

You’ll turn off the ‘Net, you’ll begin to reach out,
You’ll become the difference they talk about.

Your eyes will twinkle, your spirit will merry
You’ll spread joy and sparkle without any tarry.

Your family will gather, your friends will be nigh,
And all will feel love from the earth’s big guy.

He’ll remind us that love is patient and kind;
It does not envy, boast, dishonor or bind.

It is the theme of the season, that is for sure,
Love makes everything easier to endure.

That star in the sky, it lit the world so bright;
Its promise is solid, it will all be all right.

Hearts ignited with hope, the anger now gone,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a new dawn.

© 2021 Elizabeth Skenes Millen

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