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Hips, Knees & Joints: Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

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Snap ... crackle … POP!
If your hip and knee joints sound like a bowl of breakfast cereal when you stand up, sit down, or walk, what does it mean now and in the future? Why can body pain sometimes predict rain better than the local meteorologist? Should achy joints stay or should they go? We asked two Paisley Magazine medical and wellness experts to weigh in on what can often be a very painful subject.
Why does hip pain often present as knee pain?

There are two main reasons hip pain may be referred to, or cause knee pain.

1) If the hip is inflamed from arthritis, for example, the nerves that innervate and pass by the hip joint also send nerve fibers down the leg to the knee. Therefore, the pain is felt in the knee from an upstream source, the hip. 

2) Knee pain can occur due to working harder if the hip has limitations in range of motion due to arthritis. When one joint has a limitation, then the joint above and below the affected joint must compensate. This may cause undue stress on the good joint, leading to pain.

Does running affect my knees and hips?
There are actually no good studies that show runners have an increased risk for arthritis in the knees and hips over the normal population. When we run, we place four to six times our body weight across our hips and knees. However, on average, most runners are not overweight, so they may be placing less stress across their joints when they walk or run than someone who is 50 pounds or more overweight. An overweight patient may want to start with a lower impact exercise program and work up to a jogging program.
That being said, I would not recommend a running program for someone with a previous knee injury because the increased loads with running place a significant amount of stress on the joints that may exacerbate an old injury.

What can I do to prevent a joint replacement?
For most patients the basic tenets to decrease the risk for arthritis and subsequent joint replacement are to keep excess weight off by eating well (thereby decreasing the load on the joints), keep the muscles around the joints strong to help distribute the load on the joints, and maintain good flexibility.

My knees sound like Rice Krispies—snap, crackle, pop.
Am I destined
for a joint replacement?
Most cracking and popping in the knee, comes from the undersurface of the knee cap (patella) rubbing up against the groove in the thigh bone (femur) as the knee flexes and extends.  These are usually age-related changes in the cartilage resulting in more friction between the two surfaces. This does not portend that someone will need a joint replacement. Usually a good exercise program consisting of a stretching program and a strengthening program of the quads, hip flexors, and core will alleviate a number of these issues.
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Beau Sasser, M.D., is board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with Summit Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery, located at 3025 Shrine Road, Brunswick, Ga. Call 912.466.7340.



How can CBD oil help with knee and joint pain?

It seems many people these days are suffering with their joints and knees. We all seem to be looking for that anti-inflammatory magic. A few months ago, I was visited at my shop, by a young lady who explained her mother was on her third round of chemotherapy, and that her mother’s joints were so swollen she could not walk and she was sick of taking Oxycodone, which was not helping anyway! She heard I was carrying premium CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and wanted to try the topical salve. I advised her it works deep within a short time and to apply it generously and frequently. Within a week the young lady was back, and through tears said her mother got up and walked after just two days of application and had quit taking her pain meds!

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Christine Proffitt is owner/operator at Wild & Personal Boutique, 214 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island, Ga. with interests in health and healing.

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