Spa Takeover - June 2018

Tonya Walters


Story by Meredith Deal   
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Meet sweet Tonya Walters, age 48. Always on the go, Tonya and her husband Michael jokingly compare their Walters family to TV’s The Walton’s. “There’s my mom Kay, our daughter Rachel-Chalina, our son Jacob, our nephew Ricky. and our niece Kaylee—plus two rescue dogs! My life is busy and full.”

Last month, Tonya joyfully transitioned from a part-time certified nurse’s aide working two jobs to a full-time office career at Georgia Nurse Care. “I’m so pleased to work with such enjoyable women. They encouraged me to take the entire day off for my Paisley makeover and were genuinely happy for me.”

Tonya’s long-time friend, Nery Ehler, proprietor of Peruvian Craft & Label Boutique, was the catalyst for Tonya’s makeover. She selected a beautiful white Peruvian cotton/linen dress with complimenting copper mix metal jewelry for Tonya to wear. “It’s exciting to be nominated, and I’m happy Nery’s boutique has my size clothes!”

Next, Tonya met with licensed aesthetician, Boni Ray Chaney of BellaMichelle Cosmeceuticals at B.Lush Salon and Spa. Boni and Tonya settled on an anti-aging skincare facial session which would include a theraclinical makeover day.

Utilizing her own BellaMichelle signature cosmeceuticals, Boni began

Makeover0618 2

 with a gentle chamomile cleanser and microdermabrasion to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, then she applied dermal planning to remove Tonya’s fine downy facial hairs.

A chemical peel to polish her skin and provide a clean surface was primed and ready to receive the BellaMichelle mask – the magic of this whole procedure. Boni then layered her line filler to plump the skin. This was followed by an O2 oxygen mask—very cool and soothing, to rehydrate and bring Tonya’s skin back to life. Now with a nice pink tone to her skin, Boni applied a collagen eye mask setting it gently to allow it to do its work.

Next, thirty minutes of Photo Light therapy was used to brighten and plump the skin. An application of B6, B12, peptides, sunscreen, and tinted moisturizer brought Tonya’s session to an end.  She remarked, “I feel like I’ve been pampered and loved. I’m so appreciative and thankful.”

BellaMichelle makeup products include a concealer and tinted moisturizer. Boni applied the concealer to brighten Tonya’s eyes a bit both underneath and above the eyelid and to enhance Tonya’s natural skin tone. Applying a little more tinted moisturizer, Boni said- “This product is so nice, even and neutral —picking up your natural skin tone as it hits your skin.” Some eyeshadows blended in silver gray – eyeliner, mascara and pink lip color enhanced Tonya’s new daytime appeal. Now looking more youthful—and feeling it, too—Tonya thanked Boni for bringing it all together. Tonya’s skin looks gorgeous.

For Tonya’s hair, B. Lush master cosmetologist Becca Wynn created a beachy wave blowout beginning the process with a volumizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Blowouts are fabulous – they create “hair happiness” in minutes instead of hours. Becca smoothly blow-dried Tonya’s hair with a round brush, some back combing for lift, and ended with flat ironing in  gorgeous loose beachy curls. Tonya thanked Becca for her extra pampering.

Pleased and thankful, Tonya said she learned so much from Boni about giving her skin what it needs. “I feel so rejuvenated. My skin feels better and looks better. I feel beautiful.”

Tonya’s Team:

Boni Ray Chaney, PMA; BellaMichelle cosmeceuticals: 912.223.4741. B.Lush Salon and Spa, 284 Redfern Village, SSI. BellaMichelle- look and feel your best!

Nery Ehler- owner of Peruvian Craft & Label Boutique where fashion is their passion! Location: 222 Redfern Village, SSI. And visit their Art Café. Open daily: 912.506.8002.

Becca Wynn, B. Lush Salon and Spa; 284 Redfern Village, SSI. Open Mon-Sat by appointment. Hair color, blow outs, cuts, styles, skincare, lashes and brows; spray tans, waxing, massage; 912.268.2739; Instagram and Facebook; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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