Smile Takeover - February 2020 Issue

Featuring Dr. Colleen Knight


February 2020 Issue
by Meredith M. Deal
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Dr. Colleen Knight is an associate professor of chemistry at the College of Coastal Georgia. With her Ph.D. in biomolecular chemistry, serving as Department of Natural Sciences chair, this 36-year-old phenom teaches nursing chemistry, biochemistry and advanced biochemistry. Colleen grew up in Warner Robins and lived in Atlanta but likes our area’s pace. “It’s not so harried here and way calmer, so much so my parents ended up moving here, too,”  Colleen said. Beyond academia, Colleen enjoys musical roles in community theatre, especially with the Island Players and Glynn Academy. She also bakes and rides three bikes—a road bike, mountain bike and beach cruiser—but not all at once.

Professor Time:
Colleen quit smiling in photos and in public early on, even after getting braces. “I was missing one lateral adult tooth with a tiny one on the other side.” Her front teeth looked smaller, and she felt her smile reflected she had no teeth. “Not liking to smile and always in front of a class, one of the most common comments in my student surveys was I came off as ‘super-intimidating, apathetic, or unimpressed.’ Students felt uncomfortable to ask me questions. So, I decided to do something about it.

Dental Center of St. Simons is in my dental network, so I got in touch with Dr. Larry Daugherty.” Colleen saw before and after photos on the practice website. “They looked amazing, so, I added a veneers consultation to my regular cleaning appointment.”

Time to Smile:PYMakeover0220 2

Dr. Daugherty did an imprint of her teeth before going forward, showing Colleen a wax-up model of what she could expect in her final product. She took the wax model to show family for their opinions. “I decided to go ahead last summer and have been feeling so much more confidant. I had the six teeth across the top done in veneers and have been very pleased. The staff at the Dental Center are so welcoming; I would recommend this practice to anyone. And now that I smile so much more, my laugh lines are beginning to show!”    

Dr. Daugherty explained how Colleen achieved her desired confidence. “Colleen presented with missing upper lateral incisors. Her canines (upper teeth) were moved into those missing spaces leaving her with an unnatural smile. In order to give her the smile she desired, I would need to correct the appearances of those canines in the wrong position. And due to the canines in the wrong position, so were her gums.”

Her Treatment:  1. Recontoured gums using a laser to a more natural position.  2. Prepared the canines to look like the missing laterals. 3. Prepared the first bicuspids to look like the canines. “All of this gave her smile the appearance of having the teeth that were missing and the canines where they were meant to be. Beautiful results with porcelain veneers!”

Beauty Time:
To complete Colleen’s smile transformation, we called on some of our favorite experts in fashion, hair and makeup; Dana Smith from Roberta’s, Amanda Kicklighter, Master Stylist, and Makeup Artist, Iris Hopgood.

Dana selected a cranberry knee-length dress by Carole Christian of LA, along with some stylish gold lame’ shoes by Bamboo for Colleen They both agreed hammered gold-tone drop earrings, mixed media cuff bracelet and necklace by Special Effects would bring it all together.
Colleen loves to change her hair color. Her current blended colors this day were peacock green, moody blue and sapphire blue. Amanda enhanced Colleen’s hair style by providing her a blowout complete with beach wave curls.

Admiring Colleen’ s skin tone and color, Iris used a shear concealer to the core of Colleen’s face and half-shade lighter brow color to her brows. Mascara application was followed by a straight line of eyeliner into the lash line. A wash of blush complimented Iris’ chosen and deftly applied rose gold lipstick.

“Colleen is a wonderful person and I think this makeover day brought everything together with her teeth, makeup, hair and clothing,” Dr. Daugherty said, as he joined the group for Colleen’s final photos.

Colleen added, “I love this and feel like I’ve been pampered all day. This the perfect start to the college semester. And I’ve never been in a magazine!”

Thanks To:

Larry Daugherty, DMD with Dental Center of St. Simons, specializing in Smile enhancements:  101 Brunswick Avenue, St. Simons Island, Ga. Call 912.634.4890 to schedule your appointment.
Amanda Kicklighter, Master Stylist and hair-guru; Serendipity Spa-lon, 2485 Demere Rd., St. Simons Island, Ga. Call 912.269.8288.

Iris Hopgood, Professional Makeup Artist; MAC Cosmetics veteran of 21 years with 32-years overall experience: You can reach her at 678.353.8032.   

Roberta’s: Open Daily; 127 Mallery Street, St. Simons Pier Village; 912.638.8681.

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