Lash & Beauty Total Takeover - October 2019

Featuring Mary Frances Allen

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by Meredith M. Deal 
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

St. Simons Island resident Mary Frances Allen is ready to level up her career in life and is looking for professional opportunities to learn and thrive. Sister of Master Cosmetologist Becca Wynn, and friend to the staffers at B.Lush Salon + Spa, our 30-year-old candidate was chosen because everyone at B.Lush is excited to help in her transformation. As such, Mary Frances received two special days of overall beauty and pizazz like only B.Lush can provide.

Mary Frances shared: “I’ve been up in the air as to where to look for a job since I’m from here but have been living four years in Statesboro. I may job hunt in both areas. I have a degree in psychology and want to do speech pathology, too. I want to help people in some communicative facet. Getting this makeover and having so many things done to enhance my look will be great for me as I look for work in my career path.”

Dress to Impress:
We dropped by Roberta’s Boutique to find the perfect outfit. Fit, style and comfort is important, but feeling great in what you are wearing is as important as looking great'. Dia Palmer helped Mary Frances select a dress by Yahada, which features a paisley design. The right accessories makes an outfit and also conveys good coordination and an eye for detail—something potential employers pay attention to. A pair of creamy orange earrings, matched with an aqua cuff watch (show your interviewer that time matters!) completed this professional, yet not-trying-too-hard look. And, Roberta’s staffers gave Mary Frances the dress as a gift towards her new career!

Pearly White:Makeover1019 3

Day one at B.Lush Salon + Spa included teeth whitening, eyelash extensions, spray tanning, makeup and hair services.

Travis Groves, the salon’s teeth whitening technician, was up for Mary Frances’ whitening session. As her first service, she had the “Go Premium 60-minute Advanced Whitening” session while relaxing on a warm, heated esthetics bed. After emerging with an agreed seven shades whiter smile, Travis explained the importance of quarterly touch-ups to maintain the pearly bright white. The difference was amazing as she proclaimed, “My teeth are beaming white!”

The Long, Lush Lashes

Elizabeth Merriman, owner, stylist and lash specialist has been applying the art of lash extensions for more than five years. A total of four women perform lash tech work at B.Lush and their excellent reputation for this beautiful and popular art form is well-known.

A full set of lashes is usually a two-hour process beginning with consultation and soothing eye pads to hold down the lower lashes and protect the skin. Elizabeth used black extension lashes, applying and attaching them one by one to each of Mary Frances’ existing natural eyelashes (never attached to skin) in a back and forth pattern, eye to eye. The new pre-curled lashes come in different lengths and thicknesses, depending on each client’s natural lashes and the looks they are trying to achieve. The technicians are experts at customizing this art form for each client, and the process is so relaxing, some tend to doze off.

Elizabeth, who sees clients of all ages, likes how this art in cosmetology provides instant gratification. “Lashes grow and slough off in a cycle. When lashes shed, new ones grow in, so we adhere an extension lash to the base of each natural lash. When your natural lashes shed, the extension goes with them. There is no need for mascara,” she said. B.Lush has retail products to support all offered services, including cleanser and cleansing brushes. They give extension clients eyelash wands to keep their lashes fluffed. Clients return for fill-ins, usually at three to four week intervals, usually taking an hour or less. “This is a big part of our everyday business and we are the best!”

Salon apprentice, Alexis Hansen, added, “We check each client’s lashes to see what they can hold for volume and offer dramatic, classic or volume sets of individual lashes. Lash extensions do not damage your existing lashes. You just give them a quick wash in your morning routine. People cannot tell you have them. They just look at you and think you have been blessed with them!”

Mary Frances gently opened her bright blue eyes, spying her new set of lashes. She loves them and so do we. “Wow! These make me feel sparkly. I cannot believe these are my eyelashes now!”

Instantly Tan

Alexis provided Mary Frances’ spray tan. After consultation, they selected a liquid golden tan, and after only 10 minutes, Mary Frances emerged looking sun kissed, healthy and happy.

New You Hairdo

Like any good sister, Becca knew what was best for Mary Frances, and happy to provide the color and cut. She was looking for a change and wanted to go platinum level blonde with Mary Frances’ natural coloring. Becca also cut about 7-inches off to chisel out a long bob hairstyle. The sisters laughed and reminisced while sharing the special haircut. Some texturizing and hair spray, some teasing for fullness, and she was done. Becca loved her creative new do. “I think it’s great and her smile says it all,” said Becca.

Grand Finale

The next day, Mary Frances arrived for final touches. Sharing how her morning routine was now so much easier with her new eyelashes: “I’m surprised I cannot feel them; they just feel normal.” Utilizing Mary Frances’ new haircut’s fullness, Becca easily used a flat iron to create beach wave textured curls.

Maggie Tullos, owner, stylist and lash specialist, provided perfect professional makeup application. Overall primer, concealer and contouring was followed by soft blush on Mary Frances’ smiling face. Ash and taupe colored eyebrow powder, along with eyeshadows in purples and grays were blended along the eyelids, with a little dark gray shimmer shadow used as a smoky eyeliner. Shimmery pink lip color outlined her lips with fullness and lushness.

Mary Frances’ total makeover was accomplished under B.Lush’s one roof! Now ready for some important first impressions, she thanked everyone and recalled a poster she had seen: Hair and Style: They’re important because your personality is not the first thing people see! After her wonderful experience finding her new look and revealing her inner beauty, she is ready to confidently take on her job search. Truly, everyone deserves to B.Lush.

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B.Lush Salon + Spa: Open Monday – Saturday; early appts available; 284 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island. Special services for all ages where staff are happy to work around your lifestyle. Walk-ins welcome. Call for appointments: 912.268.2739 or book your visit via B.Lush Salon + Spa Facebook page. Salon details:

Roberta’s: The Place for Southern Style. Open daily; 127 Mallery Street, St. Simons Pier Village. 912.638.8681.

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