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Featuring Ellen White Sweem


January 2020 Issue
by Meredith M. Deal
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Ellen White Sweem, age 61, was surprised at the face she saw in the mirror. The face was hers, of course, but she longed to be able to recognize her younger reflection once again. She did not like her skin tone and uneven brows. “I was shocked at how much older I was looking on the outside, than how I felt on the inside.”

A St. Simons Island resident for 13 years, Ellen loves to immerse herself in yard work and flower gardening. She also loves to read and paint furniture. Her father and sister both have homes here too, which made the decision to move here easier after Steve, her first husband, passed away. Now remarried, she and her husband Todd love calling St. Simons home.

Beginning her self-recognition quest, Ellen’s dermatologist suggested she contact Boni Ray Chaney, owner and aesthetician at BellaMichelle. She was happy she did as the two plotted a personal skincare and anti-aging campaign against the face in the mirror! Ellen’s is a story Boni Ray has heard before and combatted with excellent results numbers of times.

Brows & Microblading

Symmetry is an aspect of a youthful face. Ellen didn’t like the way her eyebrows had become uneven and faded. To overcome the imbalance, Boni micro-bladed Ellen’s eyebrows to fill-in sparse areas and fill out the brow area. She then applied lash extensions.

Ellen loves her new brows and lashes and has better facial definition and expression. “Now, I don’t have to use mascara, and people notice my eyes more.” Her new brows and lashes bring out and brighten her eyes.

A Signature Facial

Next, it was time for Ellen’s signature anti-aging treatment, which would include dermaplaning, light chemical exfoliation, hydration and oxygen infusion. Boni readied her special tools in one of her peaceful BellaMichelle treatment rooms.

She began with a deep cleansing followed by CO Q 10 toner to level Ph balance and prep for treatment. Boni then brushed on a coat of BellaMichelle Rapid Lift, which was the prep for her Nano treatment. Boni used a Nano pen (similar to micro-needling pen but does not puncture the skin) to work the product into the skin. This procedure is excellent for smoothing and plumping the skin. She then applied an anti-aging oxygenated mask with placenta and stem cells just before Ellen went under the dome for her anti-aging pure oxygen therapy. Complete with ultra-violet light therapy, Boni explained how breathing the pure oxygen is healthy and healing to the skin.

Ellen felt very relaxed after her treatment and was delighted with her results. “My face feels really fresh, hydrated. ‘Refreshed’ best describes it all and I love it. I rarely like the process of doing anything and was surprised and pleased how much I liked Boni’s entire session.  I’m ready to take a long look at myself in the mirror once again!”Fashion & Finale

Makeup & Go

Boni began Ellen’s makeup application with overall concealer and foundation. Ellen’s dark blonde/reddish hair compliments her blue eyes. There was no need for mascara with her new lovely lashes. Some light blush and coral lipstick finished the makeup session.

Turquoise is a delightful color to compliment Ellen’s coloring and skin tone. Krazy Larry pants and a bright Valentina turquoise top from Maggie’s Boutique were selected by boutique co-owner Merrill Edens. Blue tone bangle bead bracelets, necklace and earrings completed Ellen’s rejuvenated look.    

“I feel wonderful, I really do. I’m going to keep on doing this at BelleMichelle. I finally know how to take care of my skin thanks to Boni Ray Chaney. Maintenance is key, and I will be taking better care of my skin!”

Thanks To:

BellaMichelle Cosmeceuticals and Skincare; Boni Ray Chaney, PMA, Owner. “My focus is on healing the skin and slowing down the aging process—to look and feel your best on your life’s journey.” Visit BellaMichelle: 276 Redfern Village, SSI. Suite C, upstairs. Call 912.223.4741.

Maggie’s Boutique: Open six days a week from 10 - 5:30 p.m., 1616 Frederica Road, SSI. Women’s casual clothing, gifts, shoes and accessories. Let Maggie’s experts find your perfect 2020 fashion ensemble. 912.638.3995.   

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