Holiday Makeover - December 2018

Featuring Lisa Sarro


Story by Meredith Deal   
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Lisa Sarro had no idea her life was about to change when she logged onto Facebook just like any other day. Scrolling, she came across a post seeking Paisley’s holiday makeover candidate, which Master Stylist Amanda Kicklighter had posted. Usually shy and reserved, Lisa said she didn’t quite know what came over her. “In that moment, I knew wanted to be selected,” she said. “Then Amanda messaged me back and here I am!”  

Lisa was a Military Police Officer E4 in the US Army. “I was exposed to agent orange and other chemicals at Fort McClellan and have been on Army disability the last 30 years with related health issues. My main role has been one I love—caregiver for my two children and two grandkids. I haven’t done much for myself. But now, I’m hoping to boost my confidence and personal happiness.”

Fashion & Hair:

Lisa’s first step was to meet with Christine Proffitt, owner of Wild & Personal Boutique, to find a new style perfect for updating her look. It is hard to get out of style ruts. We tend to stick to familiar whether it looks good or bad. Christine is skilled in helping ladies break out of ruts and find their style to both look and feel great! She paired Lisa with a Clara Sun Woo black sequin cold-shoulder top and palazzo pants ensemble and all we can say is it was Woo-hoo! Then, we were off to see Amanda.

“For Lisa, I wanted to go a few shades darker brown with subtle red highlights,” Amanda said. “We’re going with a bit of an asymmetrical stacked bob. This haircut is more youthful and will accentuate her face.” Lisa was ready for her transformation, and Amanda got to work her magic. After a refreshing conditioning rinse, Lisa proclaimed, “This experience is better than chocolate!” Now THAT is a testimonial, ladies.

Looking stunning with confidence beginning to awaken, our makeover caravan headed to downtown Brunswick.

Makeup & Jewels:
Alexia Miller and Durrett Moerman welcomed us to Cunningham Jewelers for the final transformational segment of Lisa’s special day. They created space for guest Makeup Artist, Iris Hopgood, who quickly donned her crossbody brush belt and got down to business. Observing Lisa’s golden skin tone, she began with overall facial moisturizer and concealer.

“There’s less need for all-over foundation these days,” Iris explained. “We now concentrate on prominent areas – eyes, cheeks, lips.” Amanda touched up Lisa’s hair as Iris applied soft shimmer highlights and blush to Lisa’s temples; they were the dynamic duo! She used a primer for Lisa’s eyelids and brows, filling them in to naturally frame her face. Smoky eyeshadows and black mascara produced amazing results. Terracotta lipstick, lip liner, clear shimmer gloss, and one more coat of lip color, and Lisa’s confidence danced on her beautiful smile.

Now for the frosting: There’s nothing more womanly empowering than adding the mesmerizing, elegant sparkle of diamonds. Alexia and Durrett selected gorgeous Cunningham collection diamonds: A rare Brazilian pear-shaped 1.1ct. Paraiba copper manganese tourmaline set in a 1ct. triple diamond teardrop by designer Brad Garman was the perfect choice accompanied by a pair of in-and-out 1.25ct. diamond hoop earrings by Prinz. A Shula contemporary split bangle bracelet of 1.50ct. diamonds completed Lisa’s holiday sparkle! Completely frosted, Lisa was all smiles.

After posing for photos by Cunningham’s Christmas tree, Lisa expressed her gratitude. “This was an amazing day. Being fussed over and catered to was just the best. I love my hair color and new style; it feels so much healthier and alive. I feel empowered. I learned new makeup techniques and Iris’ brushes were amazing! I’ve never worn real diamonds; how thrilling! And, the outfit I wore was glamorous and complimented my figure. This day revealed to me that I don’t look that bad, and I am OK!

Lisa, you’re way more than OK. You are beautiful inside and out.

Lisa’s Personal Professionals:
Amanda Kicklighter, Master Stylist, Serendipity Spa-lon; 2485 Demere Rd., Suite 102-A, SSI. Amanda has your NEW fabulous look! Appointments/gift certificates: 912.638-1658 or 912.580.9854.

Christine Proffitt, Wild & Personal Boutique, 214 Redfern Village, SSI. Apparel, accessories, lingerie, shoes & gifts: 912.634.4563  

Iris Hopgood, Professional Makeup Artist; MAC Cosmetics veteran of 21 years; 32-years overall experience. Always be Beautiful: 678.353.8032.   

Alexia Miller and Durrett Moerman, Cunningham Jewelers, 1510 Newcastle St. in historic downtown Brunswick, open six days featuring the utmost in jewelry and gifts: 912.265.8652.

Interested in a makeover?
Send your comments and photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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