A Cool Takeover - February 2018

Elaine Townsend

Makeover 0218Story by Meredith Deal    
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography and Georgia Coast Surgical

Elaine Townsend experienced a life changing moment in early 2017 as she leaned over to pick up a mirror lying on a table. She saw her familiar smiling reflection taken over by her chin moving in ways she had only imagined in nightmares! “I saw too much movement—too loose of skin. It was all too much.” Mirror side glances weren’t much better. “It drove me nuts because it was making me look older than I felt.”

Living on St. Simons in an active coastal lifestyle and career, enjoying golf and leisure time with husband Bill, Elaine was ready to take action. “I wanted to try CoolSculpting at Georgia Coast Surgical. I know Hilary Kent and trust their staff, so what was not to try?”

What is CoolSculpting? It is a quick and affordable option in successful body sculpting which uses cold temperatures to freeze an area of unwanted fat, killing 20-30 percent of fat cells in treated volume. Typical treatments take under an hour, are non-invasive, non-surgical and have no downtime.
Elaine met in consultation with CoolSculpting University graduate, Hilary Kent, at Georgia Coast Surgical. Assessing Elaine’s under chin area, Hilary explained how FDA approved CoolSculpting has an impact on tightening skin laxity, as she demonstrated the process.

Elaine had her first submental CoolSculpting treatment in October 2017. During her scheduled 30-day follow-up appointment for “after” pictures, there was a recognizable difference of a much-decreased fatty pocket, which revealed a sharper jawline. “At that time, I recommended a second treatment to the area for optimal results,” Hilary said, “and when Elaine reaches 90 days out from her second treatment, her results will show her moving towards total transformation.”

“Now that I’ve gotten some definition back, my face looks thinner and more contoured. People say I look great. They’ve noticed a difference but can’t quite put their finger on it,” Elaine said. “When they see Paisley, they’ll know why!”

Now it was time for fashion and flair. Elaine met first with Brittany Wolff at Southern Coast Tees & Boutique in Darien. Brittany selected a navy blue floral top with a white lace square collar, three sparkly beaded bracelets and silver heart-shaped earrings. Fabulous! On St. Simons Island, we met Lisa Nicolas-Luiz, master cosmetologist with Serendipity Spa-lon. Learning about Elaine’s newly contoured chin area, Lisa made sure Elaine’s haircut complemented and enhanced her new look.

For makeup Lisa started with concealer, but there was no need for foundation, as Elaine’s face and cheeks have nice coloring. Lisa concentrated on her eyes, adding eyelid color and contouring to open them up. Then lips – a peachy red lip color to complement Elaine’s navy and white lace top. Pencil eye liner, mascara and cheek powder were final touches.

Elaine summed up her CoolSculpting transformation with this advice: “This whole process has inspired me to workout more, eat sensibly and drink tons of water. I feel better and think I look better, too. It’s been a great experience—so easy and affordable. I’ve also gotten to know a lot of cool people along the way. Everyone at Georgia Coast Surgical is so professional and awesome.”


Georgia Coast Surgical: Glynn County’s premier CoolSculpting provider since 2014 and the only providers with two machines offering a dual sculpting option. CoolSculpting University staff graduates ensure the best experience and optimal outcome. Offices of Dr. Harold Kent; 3226-F Hampton Ave., Brunswick, GA. Call today for your free consultation: 912-264-9724.

Southern Coast Tees & Boutique: 107 Broad Street, Darien, GA. 912-437-3891, open six days a week. Fashion and accessories to suit your coastal lifestyle to a “tee”. www.southerncoasttees.com.
Lisa Nicolas-Luiz, AKA the Blowout Queen, also specializes in haircuts, dimensional color and makeup. Gift certificates available. Serendipity Spa-lon, 2485 Demere Road, SSI. 912-399-5470 or 912.638-1658.

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