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Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

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July 2020 Issue - Paisley Prescriptions
Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

We asked two of our wellness panel experts to share their Top 2 most popular non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for their patients—ones considered most popular for many reasons, including producing fantastic results. Here’s what Dr. Diane Bowen and Dr. Harold Kent had to share:



PY Rx 0520 Bowen

Diane G. Bowen, MD – Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery

At Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, our two most popular non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for the face and neck are the YLift and the VI Peel.  

The YLift™

The YLift™ is a procedure that requires no incisions, no anesthesia, and no cutting. This procedure uses dermal fillers in a cutting-edge way to restore the loss of facial structure that occurs as we age.
> Accentuates the cheekbone region and under eye hollowness
> Defines jawline, rids the face of unpleasant jowls
> Significantly improves upper neck area
> Refines lines around the mouth (smile lines)
> Customized to each patient
> FDA approved fillers utilized: Voluma™ and Juvederm™
> Suitable for both men and women ages 25 to 80                                          (continued next page)

The VI Peel™
The VI Peel™ is the next generation in spa chemical peels. Each treatment is virtually pain free with results in as little as seven days. Unique from other facials, the VI Peel nurtures the skin with vitamins and minerals during the exfoliation process. VI Peels are suitable for various skin types, including darker skin tones. They offer specifically designed treatments that are targeted to address:
> Anti-aging, fine lines, and wrinkles
> Hyperpigmentation, dark spots
> Sun damage
> Melasma
> Acne prone skin
> Acne scarring

There is no skin preparation time and minimal downtime. A take-home kit is provided, which includes essential products for the treatment’s success, ensuring optimal and lasting results.

Diane G. Bowen, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, 1015 Arthur J. Moore Drive, St. Simons Island, Ga. Contact her at 912.634.1993. See the practice website at

PY Rx 0520 KentHarold L. Kent, MD, Bariatric & General Surgery, is owner of Georgia Coast Surgical Med Spa & More

For six years, Glowcoastal Med Spa & More has been using non-surgical body sculpting devices to destroy fat because many of us have pockets of subcutaneous fat we would like to eliminate.

Humans rarely make fat cells after adolescence. So, if we gain weight our fat cells get bigger; if we lose weight, they get smaller. However, fat cells live within a certain temperature range, and treating them with heat or cold beyond their ability to survive will reduce the size of those pesky fat pockets by as much as 20-30 percent. Our treatments are non-invasive, done without medications, needles or cutting and are all done on an outpatient basis.

CoolSculpting™ uses cold to destroy fat cells. This technique works best on smaller areas of fat. The Coolsculpting device uses applicators shaped like small boxes through which suction is applied. This holds the area being treated in place for the duration of the treatment (in most cases, 35 minutes). The cooling surfaces inside the applicator cool the tissue down to as low as negative 4 degrees centigrade and constantly vary the temperature during the treatment. Within 5 minutes of initiating the treatment, most patients are numb in the treatment area and usually tolerate the treatment very well. Afterwards, the treated area is massaged to break down ice crystals and further injure the area’s fat cells. It takes about 90 days to see the best results after treatment. Our practice has two machines and applicators to treat many areas of the body. Sometimes best results are seen with multiple treatments done in an overlapping fashion on certain areas of the body. Some areas will show better results by being treated more than once.

Vanquish® uses heat to destroy fat cells. We use this on patients with larger areas of subcutaneous fat. The Vanquish treatment wands do not even touch our patients (we have an abdominal wand and a thigh wand). During the 45-minute treatment, radiofrequency energy is used to increase the temperature of the subcutaneous fat to 46 degrees Centigrade. This treatment is divided into two 22.5 minute sessions as an added safety feature. Most patients describe the sensation experience like having a hot stone massage. Four to six weekly treatments are done for a specific area. Usually the best results are seen about 90 days after the last treatment.

In some of our patients we use both treatment modalities. We can debulk large areas of fat with Vanquish and further sculpt remaining fatty bulges with Coolsculpting. We can also enhance the effectiveness of both treatments by following up each treatment with Cellutone,™ which uses ultrasonic energy to further injure fat cells in the treated area.

Harold L. Kent, MD, Bariatric & General Surgery, is owner of Georgia Coast Surgical Med Spa & More; 3226-F Hampton Avenue, Brunswick. Call 912.264.9724 to schedule a free consultation., Facebook: Georgia Coast Surgical & Med Spa.

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