Message from Meredith - September 2018

Mere 0918

Photo by Mike Force Photography

Welcome to SEPTEMBER—where Paisley’s #AnAppleADay theme is featuring a rainbow of super foods and brain foods, the Cafeteria Crew of Sterling Elementary School, Pediatrician Dr. Melinda Peterlin, Tammy’s Body Makeover, news from the Stuttering Foundation of America and, much more…

This colorful setting on St. Simons is the kiosk art studio of favorite local artist, ED HOSE. Mona Sikes is in this photo with ED and me, as we smile about our mermaid connection. Mona commissioned ED (after reading Paisley’s 2009 cover artist story) to create her remote services business logo: Mona, the Virtual Mermaid. Mona recently sent me a sweet email: “Paisley played a big role in introducing me to ED. I want to let you know your magazine is inspiring in your reach and your positive effect on women everywhere. I continue work as the Virtual Mermaid still today, receiving many comments and compliments on my adorable logo.”  

                    Enjoy the read—
                    Meredith Deal

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