Message from Meredith - October 2020


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October 2020
Photography by Mike Force Photography

Inspired by the Langston Hughes poetic quote, “Gather out of stardust earth dust, cloud dust, and splinters of hail—one handful of dream dust—not for sale”, this mural by Cullen Peck can be found at the corner of Egmont and Howe Streets in downtown Brunswick. Part of the Community of Hope project sponsored by Glynn Visual Arts, “Dream Dust” brings to life the connection of childhood memories and dreamscapes. (More artworks by Cullen Peck at the Ritz Theatre Oct 2-Nov 20)

Welcome to the #WellBeing October issue of Paisley Magazine, our 149th edition. Yes, No. 149! Meet local profile ladies, Amy Pontello and Inez McDaniel who are both dedicated servants in clinical wellness. This issue is also chock-full of recipes, hacks and artful ideas, along with valuable information on post-surgery breast cancer wellness by Dr. Diane Bowen.  

Lastly, please check out Paisley’s advertising partners’ messages, products and offerings because supporting local business plays a big part in our community’s wellbeing.
Enjoy the Read,
                                                                          Meredith M. Deal

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