Message from Meredith - November 2020


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November 2020
Photography by Mike Force Photography

Welcome to our November issue, also known as Paisley’s 150th! Thanks to you, our magazine’s trusted editorial record in extraordinarily empowering and positive stories of phenomenal women continues.

November 11th commemorates Veterans Day. We met with Kelly Lynn McCook (pictured right), Staff Sergeant, Marine Corps, Retired (2018) at Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park for photos. But there’s more.

Kelly shares thoughts on women veterans: “Today, women make up approximately 10 percent of our military veteran population. Women military members now face all the same risks and sacrifices as men in current military missions and operations. While women have been affiliated and served in some capacity for about a century, it wasn’t until 1948 that women became a permanent part of the United States Armed Forces. In the early 1970s women were finally permitted to attend aviation training to become military pilots. Congress approved women to serve aboard Naval combat vessels in 1993, and just four short years ago, in 2016, all combat military occupational specialties opened for women. Women in the military have come a very long way, and on this Veterans Day, we should remember and acknowledge the unique challenges and sacrifices faced by women as a way to remind us all that women are veterans, too.”

Thank you, Kelly. It doesn’t get much more empowering than that. Enjoy the read,
                                                                          Meredith M. Deal

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