Message from Meredith - May 2020

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May 2020
Photography by Mike Force Photography

Happy Mother’s Day, and to our nation’s caregivers and essential workers, we thank you. It’s been quite a shared human experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve read your heartfelt stories on social media and been honored to share some of ours. Together, we’ve got this.

It was fun to get to hang out on a short visit with new fur pals, Rosa, Mesha and Luna, all goats, as we tried to play a hand of Go Fish at The Farm at Oatland North. Meet Diana Scarborough and the compassionate volunteers who consider their rescue animals family. Susan Inman is our Coastkeeper with the Altamaha Riverkeeper organization. Her open-air lifestyle naturally led her to our area years ago.

We also have a treat for you as Theresa, Beth and Dawn from ACE Garden Center recently shared best tips on butterfly and herb container gardens. Another treat was interviewing our May cover artist, Ellen Brenneman, learning about her artistic admiration of the natural world. #MotherNature.

And, we thank Tipsy Mc Sway’s for moving the Paisley Partini to Thursday, June 11th and can’t wait to see everyone.

                                                                          Enjoy the Read­—
                                                                          Meredith M. Deal

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