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How fun is it being downtown at the Library laying around reading books with Programs Librarian, Karen Larrick?  Super fun. Learning this month’s theme would be #SmartyPants –Karen quickly grabbed copies of Princesses Wear Pants and Panda Pants—thanks, Karen!

Recently, I met motivational speaker, Matilda Gibbons at her well-deserved Relaxation Makeover. (page 18) Listening to her interesting life stories, I began calling her tidbits of advice- “Matilda-isms”.

Here are two “motivational” Matilda-isms:

• “When people depend on you, surrounding you day and night…if you need to just be alone with your thoughts for a little while, do as I do and take your time walking the trash out to the curb.”

• “Don’t forget to pick up your daily pack of “Love Pills”. Your imaginary pill pack will keep you genuine in thinking about others each day.”

Some of the smartest advice, ever. Thanks, Matilda!
Enjoy Paisley’s Annual Pet Yearbook and our entire Read—
Meredith Deal

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