A Goodbye Message from Meredith - April 2021


April 2021
Photography by Mike Force Photography

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It’s time for me to create personal projects. I’m ready to pass my role in Paisley Magazine to our new Regional Manager, Kelly Hunter, a big fan of the magazine since we first started in 2008. Kelly will stay true to our mission—empower, inform, encourage and evoke thought—for women and their families with even more verve! Here we are in Historic Downtown Brunswick at Queen Square as I pass Kelly a symbolic bag of “cool paisley things.”

One of the greatest things about reading Paisley Magazine is how our enticing covers and monthly themes connect us all. Living here as an active citizen over 24 years has helped me easily find local inspirational women to share their stories, and featuring each one of them has been a real treat.

Paisley is the brainchild of my sister-in-law, Elizabeth Millen. Her unique and inclusive editorial formula supplies the backbone of our mission and our continued success. She is an expert at weaving many ideas, including many of mine, into these 32 pages each month.

Lindsay Gifford, our art director, and now, my niece, the young and vivacious Jacie Millen, are priceless colleagues. Our local staffers: Cindy Robinson is the best profile writer ever, and the two photographers who bring each issue to life, bursting with color: Mike Force and Nancy J Reynolds Haven are super talented and just wonderful to work with! Our distribution divas Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter place magazines all over two counties, rain or shine, with a smile and a wink, for they know each month they bring the best news. I have been fortunate to help with magazine sales and editorial makeovers, features, product features, and of course, with the many individuals, couples and groups showcased in our HEAR ME ROAR stories.

Recently, we’ve added glimpses into women trios within a theme, such as women making a difference (Dec 2020) women living newly changed lifestyles of overall wellness (Jan 2021) Now, we welcome three local high school coaches: Shanelle, Jasmine and Sharnesha, who have so much positive energy and school spirit for their teams. (pages 11-13)  

Lesley Leonard, in our profile story this month, leads through running. She and her crew are organizing the 4th of July Golden Isles Track Club Sunshine Festival 5k and Fun Run this summer. #GOPlay is our April issue theme —and we’ve gotcha covered!

You’ll still see me around when we get to “Partini” once again, and I’ll help with some copy-editing, but I wanted everyone to know it has been the honor of my life to have this job. Meeting so many of you through the first 12.8 years of this magazine has been amazing and wonderful, for I consider myself quite LUCKY to call many of you “friend.” Thank you for allowing me and Paisley Magazine to be a vital part of your life!

                                                                   Enjoy the read,
                                                                          Meredith M. Deal

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