Kelly's Comments - September 2022

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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”  —Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

How appropriate that our Pet Yearbook coincided with our #HealthyHabits issue. Pets are members of our families, but they are also good for us. When I spend 15 minutes giving Paisley, my cat, head scratches, my heart rate slows and I can enter a semi-meditative state. Talk about a healthy habit! When Elizabeth Millen, our publisher, takes her dog Henry to the beach, she is exercising and spending time in nature—two very healthy habits indeed!

Of course, there are also non-pet related healthy habits, and that’s why we are featuring some fantastic women who inspire us with their dedication to taking care of themselves. I hope you enjoy reading about journaling, meditating, exercising, positive thinking and healthy eating from these local women from all walks of life. If you are inspired to start one or more healthy habits of your own, please remember to be kind to yourself. No one is perfect, and making a habit of something takes time!            
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