Kelly's Comments - July 2022

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Y’all! It is hot out there! I’ve had to get creative on getting my fresh air, going for walks in the evenings rather than the afternoons. I’ve also been consuming more and more creative content as I spend time inside enjoying the world’s greatest invention: Air Conditioning! There is so much fantastic content available online that one can easily feel overwhelmed.

It’s important that we appreciate the creators of the content we consume. Without #CreativeMinds like the five amazing Coastal Georgia Originals in our pages this month, this would be a boring planet, indeed. As it says on one of my favorite t-shirts: “The Earth without art is just Eh.” Beyond appreciating those who are making art, we also need to stretch ourselves to try something new. Have you always wanted to learn to crochet? Take a class. Do you have stories to tell? Write them down. It doesn’t need to be for public consumption. Just allow yourself the freedom to create. You deserve more than “Eh.”

Lift Each Other Up,

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