Kelly's Comments - July 2021

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What a month this will be! July starts with Independence Day celebrations and ends with the Summer Olympics, giving us a chance to cheer on Team USA as they compete on the other side of the world. I have a background in theatre, so I tune in as much for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as the sports. The amazing performances the organizers come up with always impress.

You don’t need to go all the way to Tokyo to find creativity, though. We have an abundance of creative people right here in Coastal Georgia, and we are featuring several in this issue. From transforming home decor into fashion, to turning an overgrown lot into a community, our area is home to some truly #CreativeMinds. We asked four Golden Isles Originals how they found ways to express their creativity. As you read their answers, please remember that we all have the potential to be creative.

Everyone in my family has this amazing talent for visual arts, but it definitely skipped me. I can barely draw a straight line. Still, I love painting rocks—you know, the decorated rocks you paint and then leave for a stranger to find? Well, July 3 is Drop A Rock Day (check out the Facebook group), and this year’s theme is “Be The Light.” I have enjoyed coming up with ways to convey the theme and hope the rocks I painted bring a smile to someone’s face. If I can paint a rock, I know you can find your creativity.

Lift Each Other Up,

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