What Paisley Means to Me

10th Year Anniversary Thoughts


What Paisley Magazine has meant to me over the years and the unique way Paisley connects with our community:

“Seven years ago, while I was in the office waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I saw the cover of Paisley Magazine featuring women who were beautiful, bold, colorful, and distinguished looking. I started reading articles, which I found heartfelt and emotional. I felt a personal connection, and that God was touching me, reaching out and blessing people with this magazine. Paisley Magazine has made a big difference to our community and to me especially, because they allow me to sing spiritual songs at their functions.”
-Liz Luke; reader, Partini patron.

“Paisley is a fun and inspiring magazine filled with information that appeals to people of all ages, especially women. I feel it’s a great publication to advertise in because just like Paisley, I want people to be healthy, look their best, and feel really good about themselves.”
-Dr. Angela Britt; Dentistry by Angela Britt: Paisley ad partner and wellness panel writer.

“For the past six years, I’ve had the great privilege to interview numerous amazing local women and share their stories with Paisley’s readers. By publishing their accomplishments, struggles, hopes, and dreams, Paisley Magazine continues to empower and inspire us all to use our own gifts and talents to enrich not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us and generations to follow.”  
-Cindy Robinson, Paisley profile writer.

“Our radio stations have been fortunate to partner with Meredith and the rest of the outstanding squad at Paisley Magazine for ten years now. A few years back, when I saw over a hundred people show up for a Paisley Partini in what was practically a tropical storm, I recognized the power of their brand and what the publication and all of its events mean to this community.”
-Scott Ryfun, Senior VP Programming, iHeart Radio, Partini co-sponsors, Paisley ad partner.

“We all know what groovy means, and that’s just what Paisley Magazine is: Groovy, Fun and Inspirational.” 
-Conni Laine, Co-owner, The Blue Door, profile feature, Paisley Partini establishment host, Paisley ad partner.

“It is amazing the number of men coming into our store who have seen our ad in Paisley Magazine while at the doctor or dentist! And Paisley supports our community by hosting their partini events, which bring women from all walks of life together for fellowship and fun.”
-Durrett Moerman, Owner, Cunningham Jewelers, Paisley ad partner.

“Paisley Magazine has been a great partner in helping to promote our Coastal GA: “On Par” to Cure Breast Cancer event.  As a result of their magazine advertisements and other promotions, we have been able to easily increase our proceeds each year to fight breast cancer in our region. A bonus for me is participating in Paisley Magazine events such as Birdie Golf and the Paisley Partini, which allows me to get to know many fun and interesting women in our area. Thank you, Paisley Magazine!”
-Carol Sabo, Coastal Ga On Par to Cure Breast Cancer Golf Tournament Co-chair, profile feature, Paisley Birdie Golfer.

“We appreciate the opportunities Paisley offers our physicians and health care specialists to help improve the health of the communities we serve through wellness articles on topics women most care about, as well as the opportunities to feature our team members’ talents and expertise, such as the recent profile on Susan Floyd, coordinator of our Gift Shop and Ribbon of Hope specialty boutique.
-Laura Young, Director, Marketing and PR, Southeast Georgia Health System, Paisley ad partners since “day one”.

“For a decade (my how time flies when we’re having fun!) Paisley Magazine has been a source of new Friendships in our community with their profiles and Hear Me Roar interviews. Inspiration has been provided via articles on “real life” changes and challenges. Information has been dispensed via health and well-being features. Community Calendars, Advertisers, Fundraising Support, and Temptation—yes, your yummy recipes!”
- LaTanya Abbott-Austin, Community Outreach Coordinator & Breast Cancer Awareness Program Manager, Susan G. Komen Coastal Ga., Paisley profile feature.

“Each month I look forward to what the next cover of Paisley Magazine will be, and I’ve enjoyed reading your fresh perspectives on women in every issue from day one. Elizabeth’s columns are always great (still have the one about church children and their lack of manners) and I love learning about many local ladies in your profile stories. There’s innovative recipes, and your makeovers feature real women (some with touching stories) who still look like real women afterwards. Happy 10th Birthday!”
- Linda Ganas, Paisley profile, Palmetto Cheese recipes aficionado, partini patron.

“In 2012, while working at Claire’s at the local mall, I found I was pregnant and spoke to a customer about it—who left a copy of Paisley Magazine on the counter. I took a look at it and since I knew I was having a girl, decided right there and then to name her Paisley! I spell it Payzlee—but she is definitely named for the magazine and her room is all done in paisley print—she is now age 5! #foreverpayzleepaisley.”
- Christina Gauthier, totally avid Paisley reader.

“Paisley Magazine has been a key platform for us to reach out to the community and provide medical information. We also appreciate the unique demographic to which Paisley appeals, since we can provide information on the services we offer that may be of interest to them. We’ve also enjoyed the Paisley Partinis over the years!”
- Dr. Harold Kent, Owner, Georgia Coast Surgical, Paisley ad partner and wellness panel writer.

“Paisley Magazine offers such a fresh and innovative look at the people and events in our area. I learn something each time I pick up a new issue—interesting people, exciting events, thoughtful features and the latest information to keep us all in the know. Thank you, Paisley—and congratulations for ten years of caring so much for your readers!”
- Sharon Flores, President, The Coastal Symphony, Paisley profile feature, ad partner.

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