Spring Beauty Hacks - May 2021

PY BeautyHacks0521
May 2021 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography (headshots) by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Hair Hacks by Amanda Kicklighter

Quit Itching! Here’s how.

Itchy dry scalp is a common problem for many people. Sometimes it is because of a skin condition, with visible signs of flaking and irritation. Other times, there are no visible symptoms and no other itchy areas of skin. When there are signs of redness and flakes, mild cases may be treated with medicated shampoos formulated for dandruff and itchy scalp. When there are no visible signs of irritation, there are several possible suspects to blame. You could be washing your hair with water that is too hot, or you may not be scrubbing your scalp enough when shampooing. Other possible culprits are using cleansers that are too harsh, or using too much product on your hair.

If you are experiencing itchy scalp, try using a shampoo that contains no alcohol, sulfates or parabens. There are a couple of home remedies you can try, too: Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice, a few drops of tea tree oil, and one teaspoon of honey and microwave for a few seconds. Apply the warm mixture to the scalp and let sit for 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual. You can also try an apple cider vinegar rinse: Mix one part apple cider vinegar to three parts warm water in a spray bottle with a nozzle that can be set to stream. Spray directly on your scalp, and let sit for 15 minutes or longer.

Rice, Rice, Baby!

If you’re dealing with hair thinning or hair loss, try this proven method to make your hair grow faster and thicker: Clean white rice thoroughly with water. In a jar, add one part rice to two parts water. You may also add grapefruit peels for scent, if you like. Place the jar in a dark place and let it ferment for one week. The fermentation is key to the efficacy of this remedy! When the week is up, drain the water into a spray bottle with a nozzle that can be set to stream. After your usual hair washing routine, spray the rice water directly onto the scalp before drying your hair. I have seen this work firsthand for some of my clients!

Makeup Hacks by Iris Hopgood

Full, Fabulolus Lashes!
EIf you want the look of long, full lashes, mascara is a must have. Before applying, condition your lashes with a primer. This makes your lashes appear fuller and will cut down on your time at the mirror. Stay with black mascara to show off a more girly look. If you want to be flirty, add a little colored mascara just on the tip of the lash. Mascara is sexy, fun, and creates a glamorous look. Be sure to replace your mascara at least every 60 days.

Lash curlers are also a good tool to have for more volume and definition. So, bat those lashes and enjoy being beautiful every day!

The Bronze Age
Every woman looks more refreshed with a little color on her face. That’s why bronzers are a necessity! You can choose how much depth you want according to your skin tone. Bronzers can be matte or shimmering, and they make a great substitute for traditional foundations. For a natural look, apply bronzer with a large make-up brush just outside of the outer portion of the face. You can also use a bronzer with your favorite color blush, or just on the cheeks and the temples. Have fun and apply a shimmering bronzer on the tips of your ears and shoulders for an even sexier look for the spring and summer. Let’s be beautiful and go for the bronze!

PYBeautyHacks0321 Amanda
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