Spring Beauty Hacks


March 2021 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter

At Paisley, we have two highly educated consultants with years of experience in helping clients to look their best: Makeup artist Iris Hopgood and master stylist Amanda Kicklighter. Both experts in natural beauty, their 2021 springtime advice is below!

Iris: Hydrate and Fresh
Ladies, do not become a sleeping beauty! Wake up and look your best every day! The lips and mouth area are the biggest challenge to keep hydrated. In my experience, I discovered you can use your hydrating eye products around your laugh lines and all around the outside of the lip line. It works really well in staving off those fine lines and keeps this area from cracking and drying out.

Remember to refresh and hydrate your face and décolleté area every day for a fresh start—your skin will thank you. I like to use rosewater to refresh because it provides hydration throughout the day and smells wonderful! And, rosewater in spray form can be used all day long in place of touching up.

Amanda: Hair Hack Prevention

Communication between you and your hairstylist is as important as the skills it takes to design your hairstyle. Express your hairstyle wants and needs. Discuss your expectations each time you sit in the styling chair. Help your stylist by pointing out any problematic areas, and tell them details of your hair routine.

And don’t be afraid to call your stylist back if something isn’t just right with your new haircut or color. Keep your hair communication flowing with your stylist; they’ll appreciate
you for it.

Iris: Makeup Trends + Routines
Every woman wants to look her best, naturally. Customizing your makeup to best suit your features can help you develop a signature look that is all yours. You can save a lot of time and money by asking an industry expert to help you personalize a morning or evening makeup routine. For instance, most women want to wear bold colors on their lips and eyes but may have hesitation. A makeup artist will help you get out of your comfort zone by experimenting with various colors and application techniques. When is the last time you tried red or brown lips or blue or green eyeshadows?

Makeup techniques you used in your ‘20s and ‘30s may not look the same one or two decades later. Translation: outdated. That’s why we have trends, and change can be a good thing. Enjoy your exploration of color variances and new techniques. Makeup is supposed to be fun!  

Amanda: How Much is an Inch?
Discuss how much hair you want taken off or left on with your hairstylist during a consultation. Know what a real inch is. And if you don’t have your tape measure handy, try this to help you visualize inches: A dollar bill is just over 6 inches long, and a credit card is 2.5 inches wide. Don’t rely on the vaguenessof the term “trim” for your haircut. It is wiser to give exact inches.

So, before you get your hair “hacked”, remember effective communication with your hairstylist may prevent that. You wear your hair 365 days a year, wear it well!

PYBeautyHacks0321 Amanda
Contact Amanda Kicklighter:
The master stylist with a new location: 227-B Redfern Village,
St. Simons Island. Call or text: 912.580.9854.

PYBeautyHacks0321 Iris

Contact Iris Hopgood: Iris is your
go-to makeup and skincare resource: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Iris Hopgood, Golden Isles Beauty Expert.
Call or text: 678.353.8032.

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