Beauty Hacks for the Neck Up - September 2020


September 2020 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

Daily mask wearing is fast becoming a personal fashion expression experience, but underneath, could be causing facial dryness and irritation. Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter return to our pages to share their beauty wisdom to keep you feeling luscious, smooth and more confident in your daily routines:

PYBeautyHacks 0720Pictured: Iris (left) & Amanda (right)


Amanda: Size Matters
For detangling wet hair, use a wide tooth comb, or wet brush with soft bristles for gentleness. The wide teeth on the comb loosens knots rather than tearing them out. When hair is wet, it is easier to break, so never use anything but a wide tooth comb or wet brush.

Round ceramic coated brushes, which serve as gentle curling iron wands, come in different sizes. And size matters. If your goal is to have more curl, go for the smaller ceramic round brush; for a slight bend at the bottom of your hair, a medium ceramic round brush will do the trick. For a sleek straight look, choose the larger ceramic round brush.

Iris: Lips are the Balm

Lip Balms should nowadays be more popular than ever. Wearing your mask daily can be uncomfortable around the lip area. A good tip is to be generous with applying lip balm at night while your body is at rest.  In turn, it will help with constant dryness throughout your day. Keep in mind you can also use your choice of eye cream on and around the lips for added moisture along with the lip balm, as they work hand-in-hand. Eye cream works as a laugh lines filler. So have some fun choosing balms that will work for you.

Amanda: This Will Blow You Away

For smooth voluminous hair, be sure to use the nozzle attachment on your blow dryer which concentrates the air flow, distributing it evenly while protecting your hair from burning. First, tame wet hairs along your bangs’ hairline using a proper brush. Then flip your head upside down (drying your hair the opposite way gives extra volume) and blow dry your hair 80 percent dry. Flip it back up and section your hair, making sure to lift with a brush while drying each section from the root. Happy hairstyling!

Iris: Eye Creams—Yes!

Eye Creams are staple must-haves! They come in gel based, cream based and liquid form. Eye creams aid in decreasing dark circles, puffiness and dryness, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Try to avoid fragrant eye creams, as fragrance is an added alcohol-based ingredient known to cause dryness. And, remember not to take your eye cream application all the way to the lash line as it will travel upwards and may cause eye irritation. A little goes a long way.

Contact Iris Hopgood: With major experience in makeup and skincare,

Iris is your go-to resource: Iris Ingram-Hopgood, consultant. Call or text: 678.353.8032.

Contact Amanda Kicklighter: This master stylist has a new salon location: 227-B Redfern Village, (next to Catch 228) on St. Simons Island.

Call or text: 912.580.9854.

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