Beauty Hacks for the Neck Up - July 2020


July 2020 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

People, it’s hot out there…so, once again we turn to our favorite beauty experts, each with more than 20 years-experience—Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter. Iris, a professional makeup artist and Amanda, a master stylist are here to share four important tips for your summertime beauty prep.

PYBeautyHacks 0720Pictured: Iris (left) & Amanda (right)

Iris:  Get Back To Beauty
Wearing your COVID-19 protective mask can dampen your lip gloss and lipstick beauty pamper. The solution: Focus on your eyes! Our eyes have always been the focal point of our faces, so it’s time to wear more mascara than ever. Prime with lash conditioner, which allows more volume and helps lessen the loss of lashes. Black mascara is the only color that pronounces lash definition, so be sure to buy black.

Mixing color mascara with black mascara can be fun. Simply apply one coat of black mascara and then tip your lashes with another favorite color. Individual beauty cannot be hidden by masks, so be sure to bat those eyelashes more than ever!

Amanda:  A Sweet Treat for Your Hair
Did you know honey is not only a healthy sweet treat, but it can also lighten hair in a subtle natural way? Honey, particularly raw, unpasteurized honey, contains hydrogen peroxide. When mixed with distilled water it creates a natural lightening affect. Mix a 4 to 1 ratio honey to distilled water, apply to your hair and scalp, put a shower cap on and let it sit for an hour before shampooing it out. Repeat the process for more lightening, and this process is also a great moisturizer for curly hair.

Iris:  Be a Bronze Beauty
I consider bronzers to be a Top 3 staple beauty product: mascara, lipstick and bronzer. Wearing bronzer cuts the overuse of foundation, especially in the summer heat. Explore and experiment with various shades of bronzers and be sure to purchase a flat tip powder brush. Apply it into your temples and hairline, also on your outer ears to balance your face. Don’t forget your neck, shoulders and décolleté. Everyone looks younger and refreshed with a splash of color! Bronzers can give you more radiance this summer and year-round.

Amanda:  The T-shirt Scrunch
Another tip for curly hair is to use a cotton t-shirt to scrunch the water out (of the hair) after shampooing. Regular towels are not smooth like T-shirts. Towel fibers that help to absorb water can tear at the formation of natural curls. By using a cotton T-shirt, the smooth fabric surface will not interrupt the formation of curls. So, don’t toss out old T-shirts, keep them on hand to help save your hair!
Contact Iris Hopgood: Years of experience with major makeup and skincare lines makes Iris your go-to resource: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 678.353.8032.

Contact Amanda Kicklighter with your questions: This master cosmetologist and Hair Guru is your resource: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 912.580.9854.

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