Beauty Hacks for the Neck Up - January 2021


September 2020 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

They’re back—and just in time!
Our Dynamic Duo, the Extravagance Gals by the Seashore, your professional makeup and hair gurus of Coastal Georgia: Yes, Iris and Amanda are here with fantastic New Year motivating tips for you!

PYBeautyHacks 0720Pictured: Iris (left) & Amanda (right)

PYBeautyHacks0121 2

Out with the Old,
In With the New

Have your new year start by celebrating your new beauty! Treat yourself by listening to your skin, and start something new and fresh skincare-wise. Now refresh your makeup with lots of corals, pinks and various shades of green eyeliner, eye shadow and colorful mascaras. Also be sure to try tuberose, cucumber or
mint scented cleansers each morning and night—a totally fresh way to start 2021!



No Boring Hair

Don’t let boring hair be your new norm. With all the changes 2020 brought, it also brought everyone a new appreciation for their hairstylists. There were SO MANY bad hair days, revealed roots and grays, dry shampoos, terrible, at-home, hair dye jobs, seriously hacked-up bangs and ponytail holders galore!

Local salons full of professional stylists are safe, masked and ready for business. It’s time to embrace
the fact we can get our hair done by real hairstylists and stop using any kitchen beauticians. Get out
of the rut your hair is stuck in! Hair is an accessory, and it’s meant to be changed.



Be Scent-sational

Step outside your comfort zone and buy a new refreshing and motivating fragrance.

Treat yourself to a scent you will enjoy just for your body chemistry, and not so much with what’s popular.
Spray it on immediately after a bath or shower to luxuriate your femininity and feel scent-sational.




Tweak Your 'Do
If you change your hairstyle, you will also need to change your styling habits. Try a round brush in a
different size and different styling tools for your new do. Change up your routines. Don’t let hair fear stop
you from a new hair color or hairdo. Communicate with your hairstylist on what’s been working and not working
for you. Sometimes, just a few hair tweaks here and there will enhance your hair into a new style you will love. It happened to me recently, and I’ve been so happy with my changes. And always remember, hair is constantly growing, so no style is permanent. Communicate and trust your professional hairstylist, and let them be creative with you!

Contact Iris Hopgood: With major experience in makeup and skincare,

Iris is your go-to resource: Iris Ingram-Hopgood, consultant. Call or text: 678.353.8032.

Contact Amanda Kicklighter: This master stylist has a new salon location: 227-B Redfern Village, (next to Catch 228) on St. Simons Island.

Call or text: 912.580.9854.

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