Beauty Hacks for the Neck Up - August 2020


August 2020 Issue
By Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography

With even more hacks for your unruly Covid-19 hair and ways to look summer sensational in your masked makeup, Paisley Magazine’s Iris Hopgood and Amanda Kicklighter are back! Each with more than 20 years experience in the cosmetology industry, Iris is a professional makeup artist, and Amanda, a master stylist. Here are four summertime beauty prep and presentation tips:

PYBeautyHacks 0720Pictured: Iris (left) & Amanda (right)


Amanda: Frizzy Hair Hacks
Frizzy hair? Use a sulfate-free shampoo containing glycerin. And instead of shampooing every time, just use a conditioner instead. This will minimize stripping natural oils from your hair.  
Set the dial to low heat when using heating tools: It’s better to use low heat and leave the tool on your hair longer. And don’t go above a 365 degrees setting with your styling tool.
Try this: Mix in a bowl, equal amounts of organic coconut oil and organic honey; heat it up and apply to your hair—scalp to ends. With a shower cap on your head, let this mixture sit 30 to 60 minutes. Bye, bye frizzies!

Iris: Define the Eyeline
Eyeliner prepares any eye shape for ultimate definition. Try applying your eyeliner inside of the water line which gives a clean and flirty look. Eye pencils are not the only go-to products; gel liners are very popular. Spend time using a slanted eyeliner brush on the outer lash line for a soft, sexy, smoking look, even in this summer heat. If you think summer is hot, wait ’til you see your eyes!

Amanda: Brassy Hair Hacks
Do you have brassy hair? Always use shampoo and conditioners made for highlighted and gray hair. This product’s purple color counteracts any unwanted orange and yellow hair tones.
To keep your locks naturally bright, boil some basil leaves down until the water is purple. Then stir one-cup of your boiled leaf water with ¼ cup shampoo until the blend turns light to medium purple. Apply the mixture to damp hair and let sit 30 minutes. Rinse out and condition.

Iris: Blush Raise
Yes, during this era of Covid-19, you can still have clean girlish freshness with your mask on. Using an angled blush brush, apply your favorite blush to your temples and into your hairline. Voila! Blush rejuvenation awakens your color palate. Just a kiss of blush can be more natural than you think. Enjoy being glamorous every day, and don’t forget to blush!
Contact Iris Hopgood: Years of experience with major makeup and skincare lines makes Iris your go-to resource: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 678.353.8032.

Contact Amanda Kicklighter: Amanda has a new location at 227B Redfern Village, (next to Catch 228) on St. Simons Island. Call 912.580.9854.

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