Aging in Place

You Fell in Love With the Beach. Now What?


June 2019 Issue
Story by Carrie Lewis

There is an old saying that goes: “Once your feet touch the sand on Jekyll Island, you will always return.” Well, I think it goes for all our gorgeous beaches here in the Golden Isles. There must be some truth to it, because a large part of our coastal population migrated here after retirement to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They do this by basking in our golden sunshine, enjoying picturesque scenery, and the much slower pace at which we locals tend to move.

The question of care often arises for retirees who have relocated great distances from their still-working adult children, who live in various cities across the country. We no longer live in an agrarian society where land is tilled, tended and passed down the generations. This cultural change offers an exponential amount of freedom to retirees. Gone for them are the days of hitting the snooze button a few times before punching the clock. Every day feels like the weekend when you retire to the beach!
Retirees are free to spend their days with no obligations to anything other than what they choose as long as their bodies can keep up. So, what happens when a hip gives out, or Mom seems more forgetful? Was there a plan made in advance for the inevitable part of this human experience?

It’s all about aging in place. Being an administrator of a home health care business, I meet people every day in these situations. I’ve heard some of the loveliest tales of life, love and romance with each other and for our coast. Sometimes my heart literally melts as I help people gracefully navigate the inconvenient realities of getting old.

The great thing about Glynn County and the surrounding area is the exorbitant number of amazing physicians, therapists, nurses, and caregivers, because like the seniors, the coast beckoned them home, too. There’s a treasure trove of local resources to help seniors stay right here, and by utilizing modern technology, being away from family and friends doesn’t seem quite so far anymore. Seniors are smart and becoming better and braver at trying new technology. Using home listening devices, smart phones, iPads, Nest, Roku, Amazon and Blue Apron options are hot topics my caregivers and clients like to explore. Ordering incontinence products online can also be a newfound and favorable discretion.

If seniors can continue safely residing at home, independently or with in-home personal care services, this preference provides comfort, independence, and continuity. However, sometimes home isn’t the best option. Luckily, Glynn County offers some of the best assisted living and long-term care communities in the Southeast.

I consider caring for our seniors as they age in place a privilege. With effective planning ahead and learning about available resources, retiring and relocating to our area can be a breeze.

Aging0619 CarrieLewis

Carrie Lewis is the Regional Administrator for Georgia Living Senior Home Care’s South Coastal Region. She lives in Brunswick with her two daughters and is active in the Junior League, Rotary Club of Brunswick, Alzheimer’s Association of Coastal Georgia and her church, St. Francis Xavier. Follow her company on Facebook @GLSHCSCR or call 912-409-6146. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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