Mandy Johnson

Healthy Habit: Healthy Eating

HealthyHabitHeader0922 September 2022
Photography by Michelle Holton, Holton Media

PY MandyJohnson0922Mandy Johnson
Healthy Habit: Healthy Eating

Passion: Swimming and spending time with my family

Weight Loss Specialist/Medical Assistant. Manager at Metabolic Research Center

My life partner: Mike Grovner; Children: Maddox (13), Parker (7), Hunter (3), Dav’Iyonna (22)

What motivated you to become a healthy eater?
I grew up in a healthy eating environment. My dad was a vegetarian. As a young adult, I worked in a surgical weight loss center for eight years. Seeing the side effects of obesity brought me motivation for living a healthy lifestyle.

What does being a healthy eater look like?
It gives me the freedom to feel comfortable in my clothes. I get a boost of confidence.

Do you ever have French fries or dessert?
Yes. Moderation is the key.

How did you conquer the “all or none” mentality?
Do you ever feel like you’re “missing out?”

I don’t have that “all or none” mentality. I find that moderation is important in maintaining healthy eating habits. I don’t like to limit myself. I like to stay in a positive mindset.

How is your approach to eating healthy achievable?
Meal prepping is key. There is no truthful success without a peaceful mind. I also like to record a journal with my future goals.

How has eating healthy enhanced your life? Your body? Your overall feeling of well-being?
Eating healthy has changed my life by improving my energy level. I am more comfortable in my clothes, have less foggy thinking and a clear mindset.

How difficult was it to transform your menus? What helped you change your mindset?
Working as a weight loss specialist at Metabolic Research Center, I understand the importance of sticking to a menu. Picking the right plan for lifestyle and activity level helps to lower the risk of deviating from the plan.

Has your family adapted to healthy eating habits, too?
Yes. I introduce healthy food options to show them eating healthy can also taste good. I look forward to dinner time. My family is very supportive of my health goals.

What are some of your “go-to” meals?
A pita sandwich with Skinny Girl dressing, spring lettuce, uncured deli meat, cheese and alfalfa sprouts.

How do you handle vacations and special times?
Do they include potato chips, burgers and cake?

Yes, I enjoy all these things in moderation. When I’m on vacation, I like to have fun and not think about my calorie intake.

How about eating out? Is it all about salad?
No. I do pay attention to my carbohydrates and try to stay away from fried foods and choose leaner meats.

What would you say to encourage others to transition to a
habit of healthy eating in their daily lives?

Being healthy is a number one factor. I see life as a gift, and it is precious. Eating unhealthy will limit my quality of life.

Why are healthy habits important to you?
To have a long healthy life so I can be around for my loved ones and enjoy it!

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