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Just Kickin’ Kickball Team
Sharonda Boggs,
Co-Captain Brunswick

April 2020 Issue

Photography by Mike Force Photography

Recently, we learned how many local adults are staying active while having fun­—they’re playing kickball! Co-Captain Sharonda Boggs, of the Just Kickin’ Kickball Team, gave us great insight into all the fun of adult kickball. You’ll get a kick out of Sharonda’s “play-full” information:   

Sharonda, are you an athlete by nature?
I played basketball and ran track and cross country in high school. I’m a school counselor and try to stay active.

Who helped you form the Just Kickin’ Kickball team?

My sister, Cherri Boggs, a friend from work and I started the team. Wendy Lawrence is my co-captain, and the three of us recruited members to form our team. We are a co-ed team of adults only. We play with 10 team members on the field, but we have about 20 total members on our team.
What good-looking uniforms.

How long has your team been playing Adult Kickball?

Who are youngest and oldest team players?
I designed our shirts and our colors are red and black. The women on the team wear red and black socks to make us look a little sporty. Hoping we can get back to our spring season, this is our second year playing kickball with Glynn County Parks and Recreation. Our oldest player, Greg is 61, and our youngest player, Dalton, is 24.

Your favorite saying is “When I play kickball, nothing else on earth matters!” What benefits do you gain from being active and on this team?

I love to play kickball. For me, it’s therapeutic. Kickball is a childhood game we get to play as adults, and for one hour of play, nothing else on earth matters. We are totally focused on the game and having fun. It’s OUR hour of socializing and cheering each other on. We are adults getting along, while staying active at the same time. We have a great group of people on our team!

How long does a kickball game take–how many innings?
Tell us about seasons, playoffs and trophies:

Each game goes for six innings or one hour, whichever comes first. There are two seasons: Spring and Fall. We pay a team fee to Glynn Parks and Recreation and all games are played at Howard Coffin Park. We chip-in to purchase water and snacks for each game. There are normally about eight teams, and we play each team twice. We go into the playoffs based upon team records. A big trophy is given to the championship team at the end of the season. It’s all about ADULTS HAVING FUN—PLAYING!  

What other activities do the members
of Just Kickin’ enjoy doing?
Just Kickin’ has get togethers throughout the year. We go out after games sometimes, and we participate in community service projects. We have an end-of-the-season gathering and give out certificates and trophies. Some of our community projects included giving over 75 cases of water to the Hurricane Relief for Bahamas, Back to School supplies for Burroughs-Mollette Elementary School and hygiene bags for the homeless.  

What advice do you have for others who may want to form a kickball team?

Choose dedicated people, and choose enough players to ensure you have enough for every game.  We have 20 people because some work at night and may not be able to participate each time. We encourage everyone to do team sports like kickball, because you get to be active while having fun.  

Thanks for sharing the Just Kickin’ team story.

One more question:
“What is Just Kickin’ ROARING About?”
We are…all about….community and friendships. We come together to PLAY—win or lose. Time together is most important, and we value that. Yes, we want to win, but we understand in any sport, there has to be a winner and a loser, and when we lose, we lose gracefully. We talk about our mistakes and practice to correct them. We love being together, but we really enjoy giving back to our community. We are more than just a Kickball Team!

Pictured, Men left to right: Dalton, Anthony, Gregory, Kevin, Joshua, Bruce, Tyrome
Women left to right: Wendy, Sharonda, Catina, Deno.

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