Evelyn & Steve Smith

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Steve, what was your first impression of Eveyln?
My sister and brother asked me to go bowling, and invited Evelyn, just because my sister hadn’t seen her in a few months. She was just so easy to talk to— non-assuming, no makeup, and wearing jeans, and had the prettiest smile. We met and after she ate all my fries that evening, I asked her to have lunch the next day—it was like we had known each other for years, even though it was only a week. It wasn’t love at first sight, and she didn’t really want to date me, because she was guarded, too. But one evening we were talking and she said, “ I think I love you”, and I replied, “I know I love you!”

Evelyn, what attracted you to Steve? 
Besides his beautiful blue eyes and dimples, I’d have to say his sense of humor! I admitted it about three months after we began seeing each other but fell in love much sooner!

When you say, “Honey, they’re playing our song” what’s playing?
STEVE: “Clocks” by Coldplay...to this day I think of her and smile when I hear it.
EVELYN: “Marry Me” by Train. It’s how he proposed. One night, at Marshside Grill, Steve asked local entertainer Michael Hulett to play it as he asked me to dance. I didn’t recognize it at first. People were all around us watching and taking pictures. So much attention surprised me. Then I realized he was asking me to marry him!

What are each other’s favorite (and least favorite) chores around the house?
STEVE: Her favorite chore is cooking something special that she knows I love—hint, hint—Peach Cobbler! Her least favorite would be dealing with the trash—ugh.
EVELYN: He likes vacuuming, but hates to take out the trash. (Editor’s note: We’re just wondering who is taking out the trash?)

Steve, describe Evelyn’s two favorite pairs of shoes:
She has favorite loafers she wears to her job at Saint Simons Drugs. Her other pair is sandals she slips on when we take Lucy, our pup, to the beach.

Eveyln, which TV programs does Steve never tire of?
He’s always watching college football and episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island” because he loves metal detecting.

What one thing is Evelyn always late for? What one thing is Steve never late for?
STEVE: This is a tough question, she really hates to be late, but more times than not, it’s when we are going to Mullet Bay, our favorite hangout.
EVELYN: He is never late to play a round of golf!

What’s your favorite thing about each other? What will your spouse say is their favorite thing about you?
STEVE: My favorite thing about Evelyn is her sweet, kind, and caring personality. She makes me a better person just having her in my life. She’ll probably tell everyone her favorite about me is my personality, we have such a great time laughing together.
EVELYN: His heart and sense of humor are my favorite things about him. His favorite thing about me is I believe everything he says, even when he is kidding!

Which community organizations do you give your time to?
We volunteer with The United Way, Rotary of the Golden Isles Chili Cook-off, and the RSM Golf Tournament, which benefits children at Safe Harbor.

Together, we are ROARING about…
Living here on Saint Simons, sharing our lives with family, friends and looking toward the future. We also love our dog, Lucy, and of course, college football and golf!

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