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Conni Laine

Fashion Designer
Co-Owner, The Blue Door
Brunswick, GA

When did you know music was important to you? I come from generations of Bluegrass pickers and mandolin players. Also, my dad played blues guitar for his personal enjoyment. My Mom often would sing while dad played. Those were some sweet memories. At 6 years old, I wanted nothing more than to sing and perform. Nothing has changed; this desire which is still very real for me.
To me, music is like…a well-spring of water. If I can’t get to it, I dehydrate.

Tell us about The Blue Door and its roots: Unlike a bar, The Blue Door is a listening venue, where each artist can perform to a captive audience. The Blue Door started out as a rehearsal space I share with Enzo Centofanti (as well as creative design space, which it still is). After two years, we were drawn into creating a listening venue from the days of yore. I missed venues where I could go and feel I was somewhere special—to listen to an artist, or band, without having to hear the “conversations of the day” from the next table. When you can perform rather than play, it’s a whole new take on deliverance. Artists then connect with audiences on a totally different level. You can’t help but feel something special.

So you’re pretty artsy!  I love fabrics and enjoy designing fashion accessories. I’m looking to launch several of these products online this year. You will find some of my creations at the Blue Door in my boutique called the Bleu Boutique. I also carry items from other artisan designers as well.  

Who do you credit for influencing your sound? Roy Orbison, for that smooth melodic style. His lyrics speak from a lot of pain, making for some of the most beautiful music ever. Janis Joplin—her passion and fire is true to the heart. Also, Motown Artists Aretha Franklin, Al Green and The Supremes, Wilson Pickett, and Clarence Carter’s style fused the soul in me.

Your band often hosts a guest performer; what’s best about sharing the stage? I think it’s important to make guest artists feel comfortable and appreciated, and give them the freedom to express themselves and shine.

Who do you honor when you sing?
I honor the divinity within me.  

What do you feel is most important to audiences? Being true to your song and your music, or whatever your passion, once the audience feels the connection in their hearts and souls, they will connect with you, the artist.

Three notes of experience for up and coming performers: You will not please everyone, so don’t lose any sleep over it.  Disappointments: There may be many, but, always look for the silver lining.  And, unfortunately, people aren’t always who they seem to be—rose colored shades often disguise the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I’m roaring about… Being asked to be a part of this issue in Paisley Magazine, giving me a platform to share with Paisley readers, my community, fellow musicians and friends. To get to say how much I enjoy being a part of something, while making a difference, too. May we all Live Well and Prosper.

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