Best Friends Caroline Kittle and Becca Randall

Solid, Like a Rock


November 2020 Issue
Photography by Mike Force Photography

Becca Randall, the Glynn County Interim Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity, considers herself blessed to have her best friend Caroline Kittle. The feeling is mutual. Caroline is Executive Director for Grace House, a 14-bed, sober women’s living home in downtown Brunswick. These best friends consider each other to be their best lucky charm in life. Willing to share their thoughts, we secretly asked each one questions about their friendship. Enjoy reading not only what each friend said about the other, but also about themselves:

Being BFFs————————————————
My best friend’s superpower is _____, and I love it because _____.

Becca: Caroline’s superpower is compassion. She is my go-to when I need guidance
and support.  
Caroline: Becca’s superpower is her compassion, and I love it because I see her every day doing what God has called her to do through that compassion. She also gets things done!

I find the three must-haves for a happy friendship are:

Becca: Trust, laughter and encouragement
Caroline: Support, unconditional love and laughter

Our friendship is built on _____:

Becca: We have all three as I mentioned above. Also, we have supported each other through pivotal life changes in our personal and professional lives.
Caroline: Our friendship is built on genuine love for each other. Everything about Becca is lovable, and it’s easy to be her best friend because she is such an amazing person. I care so deeply for her and every part of our friendship is rooted in that love.   

One of the nicest things my best friend does for me is _____

(and she may not even know it).
Becca: Caroline invites me to visit with her family when they are in town. I love them too!
Caroline: When life shows up, Becca is always there to share in the good and bad. She is the most encouraging person I know, and I love having her by my side in everything. Not only are her hugs THE BEST, but her wisdom in helping make tough decisions is something I depend on. She has done too many nice things to count, but something really special is she has agreed to be by my side while I get married.   

Each Other———————————————
A perfect day off for me would be spent _______.  
My best friend’s perfect day off…

Becca: Hiking along a nature trail alongside a stream in the mountains. Caroline’s perfect day off would be taking a road trip to see a new melodramatic band.
Caroline: Doing absolutely nothing. Becca’s perfect day off would be biking 20 miles, or climb-ing a mountain.

What inspires you most about being best friends with each other:

Becca: I’ve watched Caroline become a successful leader and advocate for many struggling in-dividuals. She has grown in her faith, and her life is filled with love, laughter and determination. Her words of encouragement are always appreciated, and she tells it like it is!
Caroline: Becca’s faith is one of the many inspirational parts about our friendship that I cherish. Her faithfulness in seeking His will in her life inspires me to grow in my faith every day. Becca strives to live and love with a heart like Jesus, and she extends and accepts grace with such humility. She always reminds me that God is with me. I love sharing a love for God with her!

These top 2 characteristics in each other led us to become friends:

Becca: The desire the have a better life for ourselves, faith in God
Caroline: Sense of humor, acceptance of one another  

Two qualities helping us to remain best friends:

Becca: Grace in busy times, honesty and vulnerability  
Caroline: Encouragement and grace for each other.

I find balance in my daily grind by…

Becca: Being intentional about having
a healthy work-life balance.
Caroline: Taking time to just be present with my loved ones. Phones down, no computers, just talking and spending quality time.

Sometimes I have to splurge, and when I do, I…

Becca: I shop for the entire next season. When Caroline splurges, I’ve seen her create a new collection of original items such as macrame! (ha-ha)
Caroline: I splurge on hair and face products. But when Becca splurges…honestly, I’ve never seen Becca splurge! She is very frugal and thrifty. She always dresses so professionally, and I never see her shop. That girl can coordinate an outfit for sure!

We both love our careers because each day, we get to…

Becca: Serve God and our community by creating better lives for families and individuals through non-profit leadership.
Caroline: Live out our passion to help other people through organizations that are meaningful to us.

Random Stuff————————————

Becca, what song do you think Caroline belts out in the shower? What’s yours?

An American Aquarium original song.
Mine is: “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

Caroline, what song do you think Becca belts out in the shower? What’s yours?

Becca would belt out “You are the Best Thing” by Ray Lamontagne.
For me it would be “If it takes a Lifetime” by Jason Isbell.

Becca, which one of you is more spontaneous and how do you do it?

Hmm, I would say we both are in different ways.
She’s likes to take last minute road trips and so do I!

Caroline, which one of you is more spontaneous and how do you do it?

Becca is definitely more spontaneous and gets me out of my comfort zone all the time! She is so full of life and eager to explore new things. I love having a friend like her to encourage me to be more spontaneous.

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