Becky Herrin and Tora Herrin

Hear Us Roar

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Mother and Daughter (plus one on the way)
St. Simons Island and Brunswick, Ga.

Describe this phase of life you two are enjoying now as mother and daughter, and your new upcoming roles:
Becky: I’ve always stressed family values and goals, while teaching Tora accepted norms and values of society. When Tora was younger, I would try and guide her to make the best decisions she could. (She didn’t always listen) Now, when she asks me for advice, I try to give her options. With a baby coming soon, I hope I can give her advice and support, but, that’s not to say she’ll take it.
Tora: When daughters become mothers and mothers become grandmothers, they say the relationship changes drastically. They say mothers don’t see their babies as babies anymore! In my case, I don’t see myself seeing my mother as a grandmother. I’m still going to be her baby, and she is still going to be my rock, my support and of course, my best friend.

Tora: What are you looking most forward to when baby arrives? The least? Honestly, I’m most excited about Baby Bessent coming into this crazy world to see how loved he will be, not only by his parents, but also by his aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course all four of his grandparents! (They better not spoil him too much)

Becky: Have you selected your “grandparent” name? What things will you pass on from your mother to your grandchild? I know I don’t want to be called “Granny” or “Grandma.” My Mom was called “B”, so maybe “B,” or they will call me whatever they come up with! I would hope to pass on to be respectful to others, to be smart with money and learn to drive defensively.

If you two owned a restaurant, name your top 4 menu items:
Becky: Mac and Cheese, Sweet & Sour Meatballs (my specialty), Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
Tora: Lord knows we would be better at serving adult drinks rather than food, but our menu would consist of venison, bacon wrapped pickles, five-layer dip and Mom’s famous “Becks Punch.”

What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked?

Tora: While living in Orlando by myself, I kept busy by having three jobs!
I worked hard to prove to myself I can be independent, I can adult!
Becky: Raising teenagers.

Becky: When you are older, what stories do you think your grandchildren will ask you to tell? I hope I’m around when they’re old enough to ask questions. They might ask us to tell them about things their mom or dad did when they were little. Like, if they played sports, music lessons, etc. Maybe they’d ask what kind of trouble they got into. My one regret is I didn’t sit down with my grandparents to ask them questions about the past.

Tora: Is your Mom a planner or does she go with the flow? Mom likes to plan trips and holiday parties, but she’s more a go with the flow type. I can call her on a Saturday afternoon and say let’s get lunch, and she’s there. I love that she’s always down to do things at the last minute. Shoot, maybe that’s where I get it from! 

What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten out of politeness?
Becky: Shrimp and grits. I like shrimp and I like grits, but not together. I know, that’s just not right for around here!
Tora: I once went to a crawfish festival, never again. Nope. If I have to rip its head off to eat it, count me out.

What’s the oldest thing you own?  
Becky: Does my husband count? (Ha-Ha) I have a 90-year old child’s wooden ladder-back chair. It was my mothers when she was a child.
Tora: My Dad…I’m kidding! I stole a super cute bowl from my parent’s when I moved into the house I’m in now. Mom came over one day and told me, “You better not break that! That thing is older than me.”

What’s the cutest thing you can imagine—
so cute it’s pretty ridiculous?
Becky: A baby possum. Most people think possums are ugly. I think they’re cute, with their pink little nose and mouth.
Tora: Baby donkeys! No wait, baby donkeys swinging in a hammock!!!

We are Roaring About…

Tora: How the roles of mothers and daughters should not change just because the daughter herself is becoming a mother. Our relationship is not going to change, she is my best friend forever and me becoming a mother won’t change that between us.
Becky: Becoming a Mother was the best thing I ever did. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m also looking forward to becoming a grandmother!

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