Publisher - October 2021

Publisher0921Intuition is the GPS of the soul. Is yours turned on?”
— unknown —

The theme of this issue is #FightLikeAGirl. It’s a catchy twist on what used to be a slam, but is now the ultimate compliment. It’s about embracing women power, but most of all it’s about embracing your power.

There is only one thing I want to talk about when it comes to fighting like a girl, living like a girl or surviving like a girl and that is the girl.

Every one of us still has that little girl inside of us who brought us to adulthood through the trials and tribulations of childhood. That little girl created tactics, methods and systems to ease and cope with the rough parts of childhood—bullying, family dynamics, pimples, trauma, riding the school bus, all of it. Now, she resides in us as our intuition. She knew stuff then, and she is infinitely wiser now.

A woman’s intuition is her best-friend. If you pay attention and trust your gut, you will make the right decision most of the time. Our intuition rarely falters.

I’ve heard it called a “belly buzzer.” We have all had that feeling in the pit of our stomachs that something isn’t right. Well, most of the time it isn’t if that’s the way you feel. You have to trust your belly buzzer; it knows both good and bad. Your belly buzzer is your superpower!

My sister and I recently toured assisted living facilities for our mother. All of them were really nice, but it’s interesting we both had our belly buzzers go off regarding the same facility. Even though we liked the room there the best, and everyone seemed nice, we steered clear. Neither of us know why we got the feeling, but we just had to listen to our belly buzzers.

Many people have saved their own lives and the lives of others by tuning into their gut feeling and allowing it to be their guide. If someone gives you the creeps, there is a reason for it. There’s a story about two young girls who went to an adjacent store while their mother grocery shopped next door. A man came into the store and they both had a creepy feeling. They decided to leave and run to their mother at the grocery store. Moments later, the shopping center was surrounded by police and helicopters. That man had robbed another store and was seeking a hiding spot. They were lucky to get out when they did, but only because they listened to their belly buzzers immediately.

Our intuition works on positive decisions, too. If you’re wanting to make a career change, get more serious in a relationship, go back to school, buy a home, move across country—whatever it is, you already have the answer waiting inside of you. Sure, you can ask tons of people for their opinions, do intense research, fret, but the answer lies in you getting silent and still and listening to what your gut has to say. It knows. Trust it. It’s God’s gift to women.

So while #FightingLikeAGirl sometimes requires us to be a warrior, allow your wise child to be your guide. She will lead the way, help you keep things in perspective and protect you from bad decisions, bad situations and bad people. She will also help you to avoid missed opportunities and quell undue fear. This girl’s got you!

Now breathe. Listen. That little girl inside of you is smiling. She is acknowledging you acknowledging her. She is happy because she wants the best for you, and you are finally paying attention. Place your hand on your navel. This is where your mother and all the wise generations of women before her physically connect. Filled with your intuition and theirs, this is your gut feeling. Never forget that.

Think Pink,
Elizabeth Millen

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