Don't Give Up (February 2015)

From the Publisher

A month ago, you, me and millions of others welcomed in the New Year with renewed hopes, dreams, aspirations and…resolutions. We were filled with zeal and exuberance. The energy on the starting line of 2015 was palpable, as if we were all in the starting gates at the Kentucky Derby. It was glorious and exciting!


Publisher - October 2021

Publisher - October 2021

Intuition is the GPS of the soul. Is yours turned on?”
— unknown —

The theme of this issue is #FightLikeAGirl. It’s a catchy twist on what used to be a slam, but is now the ultimate compliment. It’s about embracing women power, but most of all it’s about embracing your power.

There is only one thing I want to talk about when it comes to fighting like a girl, living like a girl or surviving like a girl and that is the girl.

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