About the Artist - Shawna Erback


March 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist

About the Cover Artist
Shawna Erback

Shawna Erback is a Canadian artist who has loyal collectors of her work from around the world. Her art is featured in galleries, gift shops and on the walls of celebrity clients. Her art works can be found on TV and movie sets, licensed products and in the homes and offices of tens of thousands of private collectors.

Shawna started painting when she was a child, but her journey to becoming a professional artist began during Christmas of 2003, a month after the death of her father. Her collectors have followed the journey of a little girl through fantastical fields and forests, past sad and lonely moons, on the backs of giant turtles and fairy peacocks. They have met her special friends, like her faithful heart pet, grand giraffes and majestic lions.

Shawna offers a unique style of dreamscapes, blending together surrealism and fantasy with gothic or whimsical tones, depending on where her mood takes her. With each stroke of her brush, she weaves together a story. She draws the viewer into her world where they can sit together for a while and share a moment.  

Shawna is a concept artist for DreamWorks Animation. She has created paintings inspired by DreamWorks animated films including How To Train Your Dragon and Puss In Boots. In addition, Shawna’s artwork has been featured on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and “The Joan Rivers Show.”
Academy Award nominee Gary Busey  commissioned Shawna to be the lead artist for his “Buseyisms” project.

Shawna was invited to present her “Celebration Of Film” collection to the nominees and stars at an exclusive Oscar’s event in Beverly Hills, California.

And, she is an official artist for The Bradford Exchange. Since the early 1970s, The Bradford Exchange has been recognized as the premier source for a vast array of unique limited-edition collectibles and fine gifts.

Learn more about Shawna and how to
purchase her work at www.shawnaerback.com.

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