Veg Out

Lindsay Gifford

Great Green Giant Veggie Swaps

Veg Out

Christmas time may be over, but we’re still saying “ho, ho, ho.” We are starting off the New Year, and all those weight loss resolutions, with Green Giant’s fantastic quick and easy recipes. They’re bringing tons of great new options to the table to help us discoverthe difference veggies can make.

It all started in 1903, when a small canned vegetable company was born in the United States—the Minnesota Valley Canning Company. Their Green Giant made his first appearance in 1925. He was named after a particularly large variety of pea, which was harvested and sold by the company.

Through the years, he evolved into a friendlier—and greener—character, known for presiding over the vegetables grown in his valley with a deep and jolly, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” In 1950, he became the iconic symbol for the company, when Minnesota Valley Canning Company became Green Giant Company. Green Giant continues to be known for their “steam locked goodness,” which is crucial to bringing quality products to consumers’ tables. Their farmers take great pride in growing the tastiest and highest quality vegetables.

Life is Sweeter with Chocolate



Not only is chocolate good at Valentine’s Day, but a little piece of chocolate can make any bad day better. Nestle’s mission of “Good Food, Good Life,” not only exudes who they are as a company, but also portrays how a little love in your life in the form of a bit of chocolate can take you to a place that no green juice can. Not only has Nestle been committed to making the best chocolate for its consumers for more than a century, they also are recognized as a leader in nutrition, health and wellness. Nestle’s products nourish your body, raise your spirits, delight your taste buds and help you celebrate with the people you love.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything to Entice

It's All Pink

Libby's Perfect Pumpkin Palate Pleasers

Pumpkin Spice and Everything to Entice

It's time to fall in love with pumpkin all over again. Fall is all about cooler weather, a crackling fire, holiday parties, football and pumpkin everything. One name synonymous with holiday baking tradition is Libby's® Pumpkin, an American classic for more than 75 years. And, it's not just for the holidays; cooks and chefs are discovering pumpkin is a moist, creamy and nutritious addition to recipes year-round.

The power of pumpkin is showcased in just one delicious serving of Libby's® 100% Pure Pumpkin, which offers a rich source of nutrients, all while being low in calories and fat, and naturally sodium-free. From breakfast to dinner, sweet to savory, pumpkin-filled recipes are versatile and nutritiously beneficial. In fact, pumpkin is used as a healthier alternative ingredient for many recipes. The swaps are easy: One egg can be swapped for 1/4 cup of Libby's® Pumpkin, 1 tablespoon of oil or butter can be swapped with 1 tablespoon of Libby's® Pumpkin—how easy!

This year, surprise your family and friends with delicious twists on America's favorite pumpkin classics, or with new exciting recipes that will have pumpkin lovers begging for more.


Chef Lynn Michelle

How Turning Up the Music and Dancing in the Kitchen Is Good for the Soul … and Great for Healthy, Creative Cooking


Everything’s better when there’s music involved, and that includes food. Just like music can set the mood in your everyday life, it can also set the mood in the kitchen. The mood-boosting benefits of listening to your favorite tunes as you chop, braise, roast, sauté, stir-fry, or grill can often be just as important as the ingredients you put into your meal. Music not only helps to make cooking more fun, but it also helps to inspire your creativity in the kitchen when it comes to healthy cooking.

ROCKTOBER is the perfect time to pump up the volume, pump up the energy and pump up the flavors when it comes to cooking healthy dishes. Whether it’s streaming your favorite Spotify or Pandora playlist, popping in your favorite old CDs, or simply turning on a kitchen radio, let the energy of the music fill your kitchen. Rock out, and dance as you cook! The power of your favorite songs can transport you to anywhere you want to go, boosting both your mood and creativity. Plus, dancing in the kitchen is a great way to clear your mind, soothe your soul and burn some calories.

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